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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Hai dere, everyone. It's me, Queenie Beanie (obviously), but you can call me Dayna. I have way too much ideas for a variety of stories. They usually just pop up out of nowhere, and at the most retarded times. Like when I'm sprawled in bed at 1:00 PM, too lazy to get up and get a pen and paper. That example actually happened to me around a month or two ago. This story idea was going to be a Pokemon fan-fiction, and based on PMD2 (somewhat). I was inspired by another author, HopeThePixii of, and her story Team Twilight. She specializes in darker themes in the pokemon world, which adds a wonderful twist to the happy-go-lucky-every-flippin'-corner-there's-a-rainbow-and-a-happy-ending world of pokemon that was stamped in my head. I really liked the darkness, and decided to write my very own darker themed PMD2 story. At the time I posted the prelude on a different site, I had no idea where I was going with it. All I knew was that it would not, absolutely not, be anything like other PMD2 fanfictions out there. I started writing the first chapter, with a sort-of idea in my head. As I finished that chapter, I pretty much planned out the first couple of chapters. I'm not sure which legendary that I should add in, but meh. I'll get there eventually.

Anywoot, this won’t be a human turned into a pokemon thing, instead it will be about a prize-winning pokemon who’s abandoned by her trainer because of complications. Even though she's powerful, the pokemon has never been away from it’s trainer since birth and has no idea what it's like in the wild. Minutes after, she meets a new friend who is travelling through a dangerous forest; also the only way out of the clearing our heroine is placed in. She decides to travel with this pokemon into the dangerous forest. She stumbles upon a sleeping Abra and is transported into the Pokemon Realm, where she makes new friends, along with an old friend or two. She gets herself in a shitload of trouble as evil pokemon forcefully start recruiting several pokemon; including herself. It's up to her and her new exploration team to get out of captivity and stop whatever it is that these criminals are up to.
Comments? Questions? Compliments? A hug? I know it's not very detailed, but trust me I have a bigger summary, but it's way too informative to just post out here on the world wide web.

Oh, and if you steal this, I will find out. So don't bother. I'm very testy about this, but I wanted other people's opinions badly, so I posted it here.

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