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Default Re: Pokemon Puzzles! Test your problem solving skills.

Originally Posted by Evanna
Um... Heh :p
You both have it correct, but Blastoise was first. I don't think it actually matters if you start counting from the top branch or the bottom.

Thunderbird: 3
Blastoise: 3
Matt & Vulpix: 1
~*KhrypticCello*~: 1

Ty between Thunderbird and Blastoise ^^

Pokemon puzzle #7: Blissey at your service

Nurse joy has left the building on an important callout. She's gone for the day at least. She's taken all her pokemon with her on her mission, except YOU(Blissey:620/620hp). You've been left behind to take care of the pokemon center. Within minutes you break the pokemon healing machine. Its out of order untill Joy gets back.

You prune the 3 tree's outside happily, during a standard slow day. No-one ever comes to this pokemon centre because its kinda isolated.

Suddenly a trainer(Hank) bursts from over a hill and bolts into your office inside with you following worriedly. "HELP ME!!!" he screams frantically opening four pokeballs. Out come....

1 : A PARalysed Cleffa with 10/210 hp left.
2 : A POIsoned Magby with just 20/220 hp left and
3 : A FAInted Tyrogue. 0/200 hp left.
4 : A severely upset/frantic Wigglytuff. 150/360 Now this Wigglytuff is interesting because it hates nurses. It WILL NOT let you near enough to apply anything. This looks like a bit of a puzzle.

Impress your Nurse. Heal them ALL.

:You can NOT use force on poor Wigglytuff.
:No other trainers are around other than Hank.
:None of his pokemon are holding items.
:Hank carries NO items. Learn from that.
:Nurse Joy cannot be contacted.
:You only have moves Naturally learnt to you.
:You can only use CONVENTIONAL means to heal. Nothing like.. Ice packs or bandages or using psychic for healing. (it could happen)
:There is no rain coming, no natural water landmarks nearby.
:The pokemon healing device cannot be fixed.
:You CANNOT allow any more pokemon to faint.
:Heal bell is unavailable.
:No sacred Ash or Lum Berries either

Worth 2 points, it's a long and hard one
I think I have it.

Pokemon puzzle #7: Blissey at your service
1.Blissey has the ability Natural Cure so she uses skill swap on Magby.
2.Magby swithes with Cleffa so now Magby is cure of posion.
3.Switch back to Magby and Skill Swap to get Natural Cure back.
4.Switch Magby to Cleffa.
5.Use Skill Swap to give Cleffa Natural Cure.
6.Cleffa switches to Magby and now Cleffa is cured.
7.Magby eats the eggs Blissey makes with the attack SoftBoiled.(until you get full health)
8.Magby switch with Cleffa.
9.Cleffa eats the eggs Blissey makes with the attack SoftBoiled.(until full health)
10.Switch to Wigglytuff.
11.Use Attract on Wigglytuff.
12.Feed eggs to Wigglytuff with the attack Softboiled.(till full health)
13.Switch to Tyrouge.
14.Use Rain Dance????Which might revive Tyrouge.
15.Feed Tyrouge eggs with softboiled.(till full health)

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