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Default Re: Red/Blue/Yellow Game Discussion

My Yellow Team....

Pikachu- Lv. 32-HP 73-Attack 49-Defense 30-Speed 70-Special 44
Articuno-Lv. 51-HP 172-Attack 99-Defense 125-Speed 110-Special 149
Zapdos-Lv. 51-HP 168-Attack 104-Defense 99-Speed 111-Special 146
Mew-Lv. 24-HP 89-Attack 61-Defense 58-Speed 58-Special 60
Dugtrio-Lv. 52-HP 121-Attack 102-Defense 79-Speed 147-Special 101
Hitmonlee-Lv. 32-HP 79-Attack 90-Defense 45-Speed 72-Special 32

As you can tell I'm not ready for the Elite 4 yet
Now time for ATTACKS Yeah!

Pikachu-Thundershock, Flash,Thunderbolt, Thunderwave
Atricuno-Peck, Ice Beam, Fly, Blizzard
Zapdos-Thundershock, Drill Peck, Thunder, Sky Attack
Mew-Surf, Cut, Fissure, Psywave
Dugtrio-Scratch, Slash, Dig, Earthquake
Hitmonlee-Double Kick, Strenght, Seismic Toss, Swift

Sorry I had an odd erge to tell you everything
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