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Default Re: Your Pe2k relationship data (P.R.D)

Queenie Beanie Queen Dayna's Family Kingdom (ish hawt)

Idea given to meh by Knight Sammeh (Trainer17). :3

Pair King!?

WatchMeBeQuieter <3 - -cuddlecuddlecuddle-

Ex-Pairs Exiled King!?

The Frozen Prince - Rarr.

Cherished Ones Lords and Ladies!?

Trainer17 - A Gardario. o.O A mixture...between a Lucario and a Gardevoir...? Sure, let's go with that. :3

Friends Civillians!?

Graceful Suicune - OMNOMNOMNOM, you are teh bomb.
The Frozen Prince
Alana Marie
White Rabbit
Kayla Ann

Older Siblings Knights!?

(Big bro) Trainer17
(Big sis) No one, yet.

Mommeh and Daddeh Royal Family!?

(Mommeh) No one. :c
(Daddeh) No one.

Twin/Partner in Crime Freekin' Imposter!?

GASP! No one ish in this category yet. Imma decide mahself.

Rivals/Enemies Prisoners!?

None, obviously. I'm too nice to make too much enemies. XD


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Queenie Beanie x WatchMeBeQuieter

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