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Originally Posted by Daughter of Mew View Post

Name: James
Species: Seedot
Gender: Male ♂
Ability: Early Bird When asleep, wake up in half the turns.
Battles: 0
Bide, Harden, Growth, Nature Power, Synthesis, Sunny Day, Explosion
Special Moves: TM Swords Dance
Obtained: Story

Going to FieryDisappearance. :]
Originally Posted by FieryDisappearance View Post
It Sure Is.

Pidgeot Going To DoM For Seedot.


Name: Glider.
Species: Pidgeot.
Gender: Male.
Ability: Keen Eye. (Prevents loss of Accuracy.) or Tangled Feet. (Evasion +1 when Pidgey is Confused.)
Battles: 22
Evolve: N/a
Moves: Tackle, Sand Attack, Gust, Quick Attack, Whirlwind, Wing Attack, Featherdance, Agility, Mirror Move, Twister, Roost, Tailwind, Air Slash.
Special Moves: TM Return.
Obtained: Pokémart.
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