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Default Re: [C.G.A] Casual Gaming Association: Love and PEACE!

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Review
by Clutch

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has one of the most cinematic campaigns I’ve ever played, and also one of the most engaging multiplayer experiences I have ever had. Call of Duty 4 is a complete package, and you’ll be gripping your controller every step of the way.
Let’s start with the campaign. During the campaign, you’ll control two soldiers: John “Soap” MacTavish for the SAS, and Private Paul Jackson for the US Marines. The story between the two are intertwined and you’ll be switching off between the two over the course of the campaign. In the beginning, you’ll go through a tutorial to get the hang of the game, and then go through the FNG test where it will determine what level of difficulty you might want to consider playing on. Once that’s over with, you’re immediately dropped into the action. The action… well, let’s just say it’s intense. Throughout the game, you’ll be hanging on the edge of your seat shooting terrorists and being engrossed in the beautiful visuals.
In Call of Duty 4, war is hell, and you’re going to need a few friends to fight through it with you. Soap fights along side memorable characters such as Captain Price, Gaz, and Sergeant Griggs. The reason I say “memorable” is because you really feel a connection with these characters as you play through the story. But, sadly, you can’t say the same for Private Jackson. The parts in the game where you play as Jackson are just as epic as when you play as Soap, but there’s really no connection with the characters he fights along side with. It’s not a big complaint by any means, but it makes Soap’s story a bit more interesting when you really get the feeling you’re connecting with the men that you’re fighting along side with.
This game has so much action it will blow your mind. During the game, you’ll be fighting in deserted city streets, cargo ships, war torn bogs, nuclear storage facilities, snowy fields, and even while riding in the back of a pickup truck. You’ll be using many different types of weapons, such as a wide variety of different guns, RPG’s, Javelins, grenade launchers, and even fire from an AC-130 gunship.
There are many things in Call of Duty 4 that separate it from the rest of the other shooters on the market. In one level for instance, you take the role of Lieutenant Price, and follow along his mentor, Captain MacMillan, in a sneaking mission. It’s really something that many people need to experience, because I can’t really find the words to express how I felt when I played this mission. In a word, it was breathtaking. For example, in the beginning, if you just ran off and wanted to go rambo with your suppressed M21 sniper rifle, within seconds the enemy guards would see you and unleash their attack dogs. Yes, attack dogs. If the dogs even catch sight of you, prepare to have your throat ripped out and be torn limb from limb. They’re vicious. It’s additions like this that separate CoD4 from the rest, but trust me, that’s not all this game has to offer, but I don’t want to spoil too much.
Since I’ve probably said a little too much about the campaign, let’s move on to the multiplayer. The multiplayer in Call of Duty 4 is probably the deepest multiplayer I have ever played. Once you start playing, it’s really hard to stop. You start off as a level 1, as you do in most multiplayer games. You rank up by earning XP, which you earn by killing members of the opposing team, getting assists, capturing territories, planting bombs, getting kill streaks, match bonuses, you name it. By ranking up you get more guns, earn more challenges, earn more perks, and more game variants become available.
First, let’s talk about the multiplayer’s gameplay. It’s fast, intense, and just as tight and fluid as it was in the campaign. There are many different game variants to play in, such as your standard Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, expanding into types like Headquarters and Search and Destroy. Once playing, there are many things that that can happen, for instance, getting kill streaks. Getting a 3 Kill Streak earns you and your team a UAV Recon, which is essentially live radar. Getting a 5 Kill Streak earns you an Airstrike, which lets you pick a position on the map to bomb the heck out of. Finally, earning a 7 Kill Streak gets you a Helicopter. The Helicopter flies around the map for about 60 seconds gunning down any enemy it sees. It’s very effective.
Now let’s move on to challenges. Completing challenges earns you a certain amount of XP. There are different types of challenges. For one, there are challenges for all the guns in multiplayer. The challenges for the guns consist of getting a certain amount of kills with the gun, and getting a certain amount of headshots with the gun. Getting a set amount of kills with a gun just gives you XP, but getting a set amount of headshots earns you XP and different types of camouflage for your gun. The different types of camo you can earn are Digital, Blue Tiger, and Red Tiger. The camo doesn’t really affect gameplay, it’s really just for looks, but it’s worth it. There are different challenges too, like getting a certain amount of kills with C4 or Claymores, or killing 3 or more people with one grenade. Some of the challenges are humorous, such as the “Goodbye” challenge, which has you fall 30 or more feet to your death.
Let’s talk about the perk system. You unlock perks as you rank up. You can have up to 3 perks, and different perks fall into different categories, which there are three of. In the first slot, you can have a different type of explosive, such as C4, Claymores, RPG’s, or even choose the “Bandolier” perk, which allows you to carry more ammo than usual. In the second slot, the perk you choose mostly affects you or your gun. You can choose to make your gun more powerful by selecting the “Stopping Power” perk. Or, you could choose to have more health by choosing the “Juggernaut” perk. If you have a gun that takes a while to reload, you can choose the “Sleight of Hand” perk, which allows you to reload your gun faster. The third perk has a wide variety of different things to choose from. One perk is called “Last Stand”, and this perk allows you to pull out your pistol once you are shot down and try to take out the person or anyone around you and get one more chance to get a kill. Another perk known as “Martyrdom”, allows you to drop a live grenade as you are gunned down. These aren’t the only perks, by the way, there are many more than the ones I have listed.
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a game you can pick up and play and immediately get straight into the action, no matter what type of player you are. I highly recommend picking up this game and giving it a shot.
Gameplay – 10
Top notch, intense fun.

Visuals – 9.5
More than over a year old, it still holds up as one of the best looking console shooters out there.

Sound – 9.5
Amazing. Every gun has its own distinct sound, and the sound of war is gripping.

Replayability – 9.5
You might go through the campaign two or three times, and the multiplayer never gets old.

Overall Rating – 9.6

Black Ops | K/D: 2.69 | W/L: 2.96

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