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Well everyone I will also give re-introductions.
~Rp characters~[/I]

Yuri the Pikachu

Isla the Leafeon

Journey to Lake verity

Rikki the Jolteon :taken from her home by Pokemon hunters, Rikki was still just an Eevee then. She was taken to Kanto and sold to a Team Rocket member who forced her to evolve. Longing to return home to her birth place, Rikki began a journey to Lake Verity.

Emeraldscythe the Scyther : She met Rikki when she was captured by Team Rocket. She was moved by the Jolteon's tale and now journey's with her to help the Jolteon get home.

Zane the Jolteon : Male Jolteon that Rikki saved from drowning. He is considered an outcast by his old pack.

Thorn: The Jolteon who beat Zane out for control of the pack. Has a bad attitude. Will be here when I feel like annoying most charries. :)

Mitzumi: Female Jolteon- Zane's sister who is in control of the pack while he helps Rikki get home. Very kind hearted.


Anabelle the Espeon
Credit to Dylan for the avvie and banner. :D

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