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Default Re: Through The Eyes Of A Flareon

Name: Rose
Pokémon species: Ralts
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Any added features: Nothing much, but she does have a golden ribbon tied around her waist.
History and past: When a young Demetri Lochett started his adventure, he didn't want to be...normal. To prove to his friends and family that he truly wanted to be different and not go by the rules, he left his hometown with his older sister's Buneary instead of a starter, and dreams of being a pokemon Coordinator instead of a boring Trainer. Demetri actually did good with his Buneary, and soon enough he won his first contest. In return for winning the contest, as his prize he was given a pokemon egg. Five days later, a Ralts was born in the arms of Demetri Lochett, who named this Ralts Rose.

Skip to two years from then, where Demetri, Rose and the rest of his team were winning contests left, right, and center. Together, they were unstopable. Around that time, when Demetri was 13 and Rose was 12, Rose had started to gain somewhat of a crush on her trainer, and often expressed it by showing off in her performances. Demetri was oblivious, but somewhere deep in his heart he knew that Rose had developed feelings for him. He didn't know what to do, so he simply went along, hoping it would wear off. Of course, it didn't, and overtime Rose's feelings began to turn into love. By now, where both of them are 16, Demetri was getting quite worried about this, and started to frantically find a pair for his lovesick Ralts. Nothing worked.

During all of this, Demetri's new rival, Annabel, suddenly appeared, taking Coordinating to whole new level with her magnificent and almost...inhuman ability to put on a dazzling show, with her rather uber pokemon by her side. One day, Demetri finally breaks it to Rose that he knows about her feelings, and doesn't feel the same way. From then on, Rose turned into a blunt, sarcastic, and paranoid Ralts; only caring for contests and getting the job done.

Personality: Rose is kind of a cold pokemon, dealing with her problems straightforwardly. She's very blunt, and never sugar coats anything. She doesn't have time for "fun" and "play"; instead she feels that contests are everything, and is rather paranoid in her work. Even though she's the "Feeling Pokemon", Rose is unemotional herself, but disguises her natural monotone voice by draining others of their happiness and fusing it with her spirits.

Likes - Hard workers, Gummies, humans, contests
Dislikes - Youth, Fire-type pokemon, Annabel, battles
Fears: Death, losing her trainer, disappointing her trainer; basically failure.
Level: 28
Attacks: Teleport, Confusion, Psychic, Calm Mind, Magical Leaf, Lucky Chant, Double Team
Alliance: Neutral
Anything I'm missing: Rose is the main character of my story, but when she is featured in your fic, it'll be before anything in my story ever happened. Way back, when her and Demetri were younger. Currently (three years before the events in my fanfic), Rose and her trainer have a very tense relationship, with Demetri still getting used to this unemotional version of his partner.

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