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Default Re: Through The Eyes Of A Flareon - Twoooooooo chapters up! :D *Dances*

Originally Posted by Graceful_Suicune View Post
[COLOR="DarkOrange"]LOL, there're lots of typos there! x3 Thanks sis. I'll fix 'em up when I'm able.
xD Why thank you! You make me dancing, dancin'! xD

Izante: *Is being squished* ...Uh, I'm fine. She'll have to do more than that to hurt me.

Dusty: She's kinda right...I don't think I hurt her. :3

YAY, I'M AN AVID WRITER!!! ...What does avid mean?

Dusty and Izante: *Facepalm*'re welcome! =D It's what I do. Play spot-the-typos! ^^

Oh, okay then. xD I just through you might have Dusty, what with all that scratching and stuff.

Jarre: Certainly would've hurt me!

Rye: That's because YOU can't take a hit...

Jarre: HEY!

Uh...Xanthe? *facepalm*

It means you write with interest and passion. ^^ See?

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