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Default Re: Through The Eyes Of A Flareon - Twoooooooo chapters up! :D *Dances*

Okay Wifey. I thought I wouldn't be harsh on you, but I have to. For your own good, so that you can improve on your Fanfic. Are you kidding me?! No! Lol, of course there were minor mistakes here and there, but seems like Scy and Gemma pointed them out to you. Anyways, here's the summary of the story, to prove that I've read it.

Summary(so far):
Izante(Is-Xanthe) and Dusty(yeah, very dusty, clean up, nao!) are very close friends. Thanks to their Trainers whom met each other a long time ago. Male Trainer with Leafeon and your Female Trainer with Dusty. I wish you had given them some names though, instead of referring them as Masters. Nonetheless, there was a battle, between a Golen & Butterfree V.S Leafeon and Flareon. I thought those guys were almost goners, but thanks to their special attacks, which we don't see in the Anime nowadays, and Izante's type advantage, the battle ended smoothly.

I also got to know how much you love Teen Titans, as the Golem's name Rorek(that's the correct spelling) is a character from the Teen Titans, where Raven gets fooled for a hawt magician as it was a sly old dragon. <3 I guess no one noticed this besides me :3 What really amazes me though, is that you describe the moves + emotions(the way they really feel) perfectly. The toxic part, it was going to make me puke a lil, that was how perfect your description was. I am truly astounded, Xanthe. That's your strong point there^^. So anyways, we all in the end, find out that the Golem isn't the real enemy and it's Trainer is the one with a bad ass. The Butterfree's Trainer..was kinda weird or quiet at least.

So Dusty, having thoughts on the Golem and what he said, goes to sleep. The next morning, without letting anyone know, she skips off to a nearby forest, north of camp and ends up in a beautiful lake. Izante crept up to her, and Dusty thought she was an attacker in ambush mode. =p

I really enjoyed reading this Fic. I can say you've worked quite loads for this. You deserve a praise or two. Well done, O sweet one <3


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