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Default Re: Through The Eyes Of A Flareon - Twoooooooo chapters up! :D *Dances*

Thanks Sammy! :D I've got another one to post. x3


Chapter three: Abduction!

How could I be so ignorant as to attack my own friend? Shocked, I instantly scuttled off her frail body. “Sorry ‘bout that, Izante!” I laughed sheepishly. “I guess my instincts got the better of me.” She too lifted herself up, shaking off the dust and mud stuck to her fur thanks to my paws. She mumbled a sentence of forgiveness, and then asked me what I was doing up so early. “Oh...” I started, slowly making my way back to the lake I already treasured. Izante trailed behind me, awaiting an answer. I curled my lips to the inside of my mouth, feeling my sharp fangs press against the soft skin tissue. “I couldn’t sleep,” I simply answered. My eyes were fixed on the water that trembled at the sight of us.

“Hmm... Is there something wrong?” Izante questioned quietly.

“I... I was busy thinking about...” I trailed off.

“About what?”

I sighed before replying, “Things.”

“What kind of things?” she pressed.

“Things! J’st...things...” I was a little frustrated about her questions, so I gave her an agitated answer... But I thought again. “Uhh, it’s just th’t...” I frowned. I then explained to my best friend all about the peculiar things I had been told by Roarake. About being taken, about the respect thing...

Izante’s thinking face became her expression once I had finished my explanation about Roarake’s weird words. “Odd,” she replied. “I wonder what he meant.”

“Surely you heard him as they were leaving...right?” I questioned.

She took a second to say, “Me and Master went back to the tent before they left. But...what he said seems weird. Eh, it’s probably nothing.”

But to her words I just turned away, faintly raising one of the corners of my mouth. “Yeah...” I tried to smile. “For now, though...let’s just enjoy a sight one could only appreciate at night,” I smiled, presenting my words calmly. I then chuckled, realising I had rhymed without intending to.


“Oh, come on! J’st, just do it!” Izante scowled, annoyed at me.

She stood right in front of me as we were placed on the edge of the lake, our feet squishing the mud underneath our toes. She was desperate to get me into the water, because it was not often that we could take the time off to go swimming, but she knew that I was uncomfortable with it.

In response to her bleating, I shook my head frantically with a frightened face. “Why not? You too chicken?!” my friend teased, and began to make clucking noises like a torchic. “Tooor! Chic-chic, tor!”

“Exactly!” I smirked, admitting it proudly. Izante lowered her eyebrows to form an unimpressed face, and when I was least expecting it, she rammed into me, sending me skidding across the mud and tumbling straight into the water. Luckily I managed to not get my head wet. I was surprised even further as I realised the fast drop into deep waters, which was only just away from the edge! My paws were kicking and waving about wildly, and I called out to her in distress.

“Relax!” she yelled back, smiling as if she had done nothing.

“RELAX?!” I exclaimed, panicking. ‘How could she say that at such a time?!’ “Izante, I’m a freakin’ Fire type! I can’t just relax in water!”

“Just chill,” she called to me. “Don’t be a baby!”

“WHAT?! Come on—get me out! Stop fooling around!” I squealed, binding my eyes in fear.

“Pfft, no!” Izante huffed with a rude tone. These were the times when I wished she had a better and friendlier attitude. “You’ll be fine,” she calmly stated, holding my charcoal eyes in her gaze.


Izante had succeeded. She had managed to get me back into the water without a kafuffle. I was almost comfortable in the lake, but the feeling of water rushing past me and slipping into unexpected places of my body – like under forelegs in that little ditch of skin and fur – was just creepy and weird. Despite the fact that I was too scared to put my head underwater, I felt pretty brave. Swimming had never been my strong point due to hating water, and when I was only little I had almost drowned in a lake much like this one. I had been rescued by my trainer. If she hadn’t been there...I surely wouldn’t have made it...

I waved my paws in front of me under the water one at a time, keeping myself afloat. I wasn’t swaying them fast, but it was consistent. Izante was also swimming, and she seemed to do it like it was an everyday easy activity. Though to her, it probably was just as simple.

Izante always went swimming, and she wasn’t even the slightest bit afraid of water. I found that strange, considering how I couldn’t comprehend how I or any other pokémon could ever like the awful substance. “So, just why are you so scared of water? You’re fine at swimming,” she stated while paddling around me.

“I’m not fine,” I corrected, “I’m just not drowning.” I could feel the cool water passing around me steadily. I barely noticed the ripples that Izante caused to bump across the water’s surface as she showed off.

“Get your head wet!” she insisted, suggesting that she was willing to do it for me.


“Come on, why not?” Izante continued to circle me almost mockingly.

“Why do you think?! I don’t want to drown! And I don’t wanna get my tuft wet!” I panicked, almost losing my focus on staying above the water level. “Also, I barely ever swim, so it’s fine to be afraid.”

Izante laughed cruelly. “Why would you drown?”

“Why? Well, simple. ...I’M A FIRE type! I don’t swim!” I yelped, more playfully than angrily. Izante stopped for a second, as if pondering something. “D-don’t even think about it!” I snapped.

She grinned. “Seems tempting. Maybe you sh—” Suddenly she paused, frowning slightly. She stayed silent. I frowned with concern. What was she doing? “Did you...did you hear that?” she asked slowly. I only panicked.

“What? Here what?” I frantically looked about, my eyes searching. There was nothing. “...I don’t hear anything.”

“Y-yeah—just listen,” she instructed, waiting in angst as if expecting something. But then I did hear it. It was a faint rumble, but became louder and louder. Izante’s attention was drawn completely to the noise, her eyes set on the bushes to the left of where we came.
But stopped. I tilted my head. I waited. “...Where did it—”

All of a sudden, a large dark blue pokémon came crashing through the bushes from where I had pounced on Izante! His long, sharp arms, which looked like powerful weapons, were terrifying, as well as the two red eyes coming out of either sides of his face. A tail protruding from his back-side pounded the ground angrily, the two rounded spikes on the end of it made it look like a dangerous tool.

With a threatening roar, the creature charged towards the water, targeting us. He appeared focused and dedicated to whatever he was doing, showing no fear or emotion.
I shrieked and flicked my head to Izante. Her face represented both fear and seriousness. I imagined mine to be merely fear. If we were on land, then maybe I would think twice about being afraid. But I had hardly ever swam—I wasn’t capable of a match in water! “I’ve battled one of these once. It’s an armaldo!” Izante urgently spluttered. I groaned even at his name.

The beast stomped his way closer, and I knew I had to act fast. “Dusty! Swim!” Izante yelped. I nodded frantically, not daring to disagree, and began to unintentionally paddle towards the centre of the lake where I was vulnerable to predators. Not even the thought of foes in the water had crossed my mind. And only now I had thought about it. It was not very enlightening, nor pleasant.

Izante was in front of me, paddling away as I dawdled behind without meaning to. My struggle to keep up didn’t do me much good, and I felt a pain in my stomach caused by the trauma. My paws were aching, I felt like I was sinking, and I was sure I had a few stitches. My large bushy tail was also dragging me down, and the extra weight of it was enough to slow down my already-slow pace. The strain wretched at my chest, and I felt like screaming.

I heard a splash behind me, and I squealed in agony. I knew that that thing was trying to get us, but I couldn’t help but to wonder why. As far as I knew, I had done nothing bad, so this pokémon had no motivation!

The pokémon sped up, gaining more speed as he swam faster. ‘Oh, great,’ I thought, ‘he has to be an expert at swimming too!’ The soundless forest had become noisy as the armaldo splashed his way up to me, and from my back, he crossed his arms around me. I felt nothing but sheer fear as the long arms held me hostage and I was rendered helpless. I screamed at the top of my lungs, rattling the trees and disturbing all of the sleeping pokémon. The armaldo with sinister red eyes that glowed brightly in the night growled deeply. Assuming he was to drown out my alarming cries, the big pokémon sank into the water as he powered through the lake, not even giving me a chance to take a breath before doing so.

Just before I could no longer see above the water’s level, my eyes darted to Izante’s and I cried out her name as loud as I could, only to have it cut short. As my face hit the water, it was as if a whole ocean of fear swallowed me into its being. It rushed passed me, and I could barely open my eyes. The lake would probably have been see-through, but due to the fact that no sun shone this early in the morning, the water was almost pitch black at the depth that the armaldo had taken me—or at any depth!

Almost already out of breath, I was starting to struggle. The feeling of knowing that you are being abducted is one thing, but the feeling of knowing that you are being abducted and unable to breathe is absolutely traumatising. The only thing keeping me from fainting by now was that tiny burning flame alight in my mind that allowed me to think about that ounce of hope. I could still hope that Izante would come to my rescue. But with that realisation came the thought that I also needed to contribute.

With minimal amounts of strength, I faced the armaldo by looking straight up. The water made him hard to see, but I could make out his face. He didn’t look at me; he was too busy streaming along his path.

But I had to attack him. For my sake. But how? How could I do it? I had enough intelligence to know that my fire wouldn’t do me any good under water whatsoever, so I didn’t even consider it. I couldn’t use anything like skull bash... But maybe a bite attack would work.

I shut my eyes, feeling the pain of doing so seeing they had been open for a while underwater without me blinking. I could feel the sharp arms holding me too tight for my liking. They would be my target.

As the lake’s contents spiralled towards me, my lips separated, making way for my strong teeth which managed to latch awkwardly onto the armaldo’s tough skin.

With a yelp and a scowl, the Bug and Rock pokémon clenched me even tighter, slowing down a fraction, but planning not to set me free. However, if I did end up escaping his claws, there would be no chance of me getting away without being caught again—but I’d worry about that later. I snorted and bit down even harder, almost piercing the armour-like skin this time and allowing the loud sound of the armaldo’s cries to burst into my ears—even underwater.

I could barely hear the pokémon shortly afterwards as he accidentally released his grip. But it was a good thing that he did—another few seconds without air and I was sure to pass out—or possibly even drown! Waving my paws to send back the water from around me was hard work, but I had to do it in order for me to catch a breath. I could feel my heart pounding over and over; it was so fast I couldn’t count how many beats it did even if I tried! The need for air was crucial, and I could feel my lungs just about to escape through my throat. The feeling was horrible! I couldn’t bear it any longer. I was going to give up. I was too far underwater.

As my paws slowed, so did my mind. Everything was ready to shut down. Even my heart seemed to stop beating.

Just as I was getting ready to pass, I felt a cool breeze on my forehead, and my ears popped. The sound of rushing water was no longer ringing in my ears. I was shocked—I had made it to the surface!

Opening my eyes, I gasped, inhaling breath after breath, absorbing the oxygen I felt had been gone for so long. ‘This is the most relieving feeling I’ve felt in a long time!’ I thought.

I panted repeatedly, overjoyed to finally have air in my system. It was overwhelming, but the thing I longed for so fondly now was land. To place my four paws onto a hard surface seemed like a thought of heaven at this point!

Shortly after I had regained my senses, my eyes pointed out Izante; the swimming leafeon was merely metres away. I wanted to reach out, but the energy seemed to be flushed out of me. I wanted to call to her, but my voice was slowly disappearing. I tried to focus on her, but my eyelids drooped in front of my eyes. I could no longer keep my head afloat...and my mind was...beginning to drift away from reality...

And yeah. That's totally my cliffhanger. xD

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