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Default Re: Through The Eyes Of A Flareon - Like tota-ly, it's chapter three!

I haven't really read this, but I think i'll sign up.

GUEST STAR FORM: (Only one guest star per member, please.)
Name: Twiddle
Pokémon species: (No Starters, anymore Eeveelutions or Legendaries, please! And you may have to change your Pokemon if there's already one in the story. ^^;) Buneary
Gender: male
Age: (You don't have to give a specific age. This is a rough estimate, and it is the equivalent to human years. They won't physically be that age.) two months (Actually an average for Buneary
Any added features: Many scars from his adventures from home, and defending it from the Eterna Warren
History and past: (Make sure to include their family if they have any) Twiddle's parents had been killed by a Team Rocket member, and he lived with his sister for weeks, when the Celestic Warren, his home, was attacked by a rival warren. The Buneary nearly died. his entire home was destroyed by man, and he later received scars from a Beedrill.
Personality: Wanting to start a new warren, Twiddle is fun-loving, and doesn't prefer battles.
Likes - holes, cover, and friends
Dislikes - enemys, fighting.
Fears: The Lopunny that nearly killed him, Devileye
Level: (Cannot be higher than 15 for kids, no higher than 28 for young adults, and no higher than 50 for adults. No elders please. x3) 10
Attacks: (Yes, you may have up to7/8) Bounce, Dizzy Punch, scratch
Alliance: (Good, evil or neutral) good
Anything I'm missing: None


Better get reading!
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