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Default Re: Through The Eyes Of A Flareon - Like tota-ly, it's chapter three!

Meh, I think I'll submit a character.

Name: Pokol Da'Erran
Pokémon species: Raichu
Gender: Male
Age: 17 (in Human years. Roughly young adult for Raichus.)
Any added features: Pokol has two dark red stripes through each cheek, and wears a belt with a belt buckle shaped like a bomb.
History and past: Nobody quite knows who or what Pokol is. He popped out of nowhere and suddenly made a name for himself by busting several criminal societies, two sleepover parties, and a retirement home. He proved to be an unstoppable force; his level was high enough that almost nobody could defeat him, and even when faced by those who had the power, any Poke Balls thrown at him after he was weakened simply bounced off of him, allowing the Raichu to make his escape. He remains at large.
Personality: Pokol is self-described as "slightly removed from society." If you got a second opinion, it would almost always be "completely insane". He has no regard for the machine of society as a whole and prefers to travel the world, beating up people whose activities he disapproves of and causing lots of explosions. He's always ready with a wisecrack, no matter what the situation.
Likes - Explosions, things that explode, Pokemon that know Explosion, adventuring, freedom.
Dislikes - Pokemon that have the Damp ability, things that don't explode, rules, people he deems to be evil.
Fears - None. (Of course, this trait usually hurts him more than it helps him. X3)
Level: 48. (I think you've read my fanfic. Pokol does the sort of stuff that happens in it practically every day, and roughs it in those that he doesn't, so it would be hard not to be a high level. :P)
Attacks: Quick Attack, Brick Break, Focus Punch, Focus Blast, Rock Smash, Feint, Fling, Facade (Pokol's been getting into the TMs lately. XD)
Alliance: Pokol likes to think of himself as good, but he'll do whatever he thinks is right, so I guess it's Neutral. :P
Anything I'm missing: As the history suggests, even a Master Ball will unfailingly be unable to capture Pokol. This may be due to some sort of special quality he picked up...

So, what do you think? Hopefully it's not too godmodded... XD
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