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Default Re: Through The Eyes Of A Flareon - Like tota-ly, it's chapter three!

YAY I get Pokol in my story! LOL! It's like a lot of characters from other stories coming together! xD
Nah, he's good. It's nice to have a lot of description and character. :3



EDIT: Here it is! :D

Chapter Four: The Capture

As I opened my eyes and awoke, I was surprised to find myself alive. All of the drama that had occurred in the water had almost wiped me out permanently—or so I thought.

The wet tuft of fur laid upon my head sagged in front of my face and into my eyes. My tail drooped with sogginess, and the rest of my fur was pressed firmly against my skin, giving me a cold chill and making me feel uncomfortable. I stood up and shook off, sending droplets of water spraying all over the place and causing my fur to puff up. I felt rather ridiculous, but I’d rather feel and look that way than be...wet.

My eyes scanned the area. ‘Wait a sec... I’m not in water.’ How had I possibly have washed up there? I looked out into the water which was only a few metres away. Had someone saved me? I had no idea... But glancing over both shoulders, I developed another question: where was that armaldo?

Disregarding this for a second, I weakly scrambled away from the water’s edge to observe my surroundings. I had no clue where I was...or how I came to be there. In front of me was a large tree with thick, light grey bark. There were wood grains covering the tree which made it appear as if someone had spent days carving them all in. It was quite a scene. Even something so small managed to catch my attention and hold it for so long. But what mattered to me now was something else. Something of high importance and meaning to me.

Frantically I whizzed around, no longer facing the tree, alarming myself with a sudden thought.

I had no idea where Izante was.

Had she been the one to save me? If so, where did she disappear to? It bothered me that I was unaware of the beast’s location, either. It had dragged me under the water and tried to drown me. The memories were all too clear, and when it dawned on me that the two pokémon were both missing, I came to the conclusion that Izante may be the armaldo’s prisoner now that I was not within reach. But there were pieces of the puzzle missing. Why would he have wanted to capture either of us? Did he want to save me from something? Did he want to drown me? Perhaps he was doing somebody’s dirty work for them. Pokémon were used like that too often. It could have been very possible.

Trying to think my way into the answer, I sat down to ponder further. But before I was going to collect the missing pieces so I could glue them back together again, I had to do something. First things first. I needed to find Izante and the armaldo. If they were together, who knows what would happen—and where they could be. ‘Maybe Izante is fighting him right now,’ I thought with concern. “And I should be the one to save her!” I declared, deciding for myself. Maybe it wasn’t the best way to go about things for me, but I wanted to know that she was alright. I also wanted to make sure that that rotten pokémon wasn’t attempting to chew her up and spit her out. Or worse—swallow her! “Izante!” I called out into the early morning. I figured it would be the best way to allow her to hear me. However, as I repeated her name several times, I received no reply—from her, anyway.

All of a sudden, a tiny, squeaky voice made me jump. It said something that alarmed me, and then again. “Oi! Some of us normal pokémon are tryin’ to sleep, you know!” someone ranted. I could tell she was someone very angry just by her tone. I spun around, facing the tree once again. What I hadn’t noticed before was a small gaping hole at its base. And out of it had scurried a small figure. She had a squirrel-like while body that was probably quite agile. Her tiny blue ears twitched with annoyance when she spoke, and the single tooth that stuck out of her mouth was frustratingly distracting. Her large tail was probably mostly fluff, as it seemed not to weigh her down at all.

“Sorry,” I sighed, looking about, “I need to fi—”

“Yeah, yeah! I don’t care about your stupid personal life. Just shut your trap so we can sleep!” she huffed as she growled in anger and exhaustion. What that rude pachirisu had just yelled at me made me frown. I just turned away, not interested in a lecture. I had no time for such petty nonsense. If I was going to look for Izante, I would have to make haste. We needed to get back to our masters. I knew they would be upset if they awoke to find us missing. And if they attempted to search for us, they could end up in the same position as me!

“Hey!” that same annoying voice interrupted. I rolled my eyes, and my face grew a furry frown once again. “Did you even hear what I said? Flareon?!” Impatience filled the tiny Electric pokémon’s voice as I ignored her once again.

“Would you shut up?” I exclaimed, turning back around after I received no reply. Instead, the electric squirrel pokémon puffed her chest...and she started again. As the pachirisu’s ranting began once more, my nose twitched with aggravation. I swung my head around again, so I was up close to her face. “Are you asking to be fried?!” I hissed, feeling the spit slip through my gritted teeth and onto the pokémon in front of me.

She seemed to be offended, and huffed, her chest large and puffy. “Don’t you speak to me li—” started the pest, but was abruptly cut off by the stream of fire I released.

She jumped back, both shocked and upset about the humiliation. She choked for a second, but got back on track. The little pokémon bounded her way back into her hole with a furrowed brow. And at that I snorted. “Looks to me like she could have used that,” I murmured, rolling my eyes. “Pesky brat.”

Ahh! Let me go!” a voice protested. But not just any voice—a voice I would recognise from kilometres away.

“Izante,” I whispered. “Izante!” My fluffy body took off towards the distressful cries just moments away. Into the bushes I flew, determined to seek her out. “I’m coming!” I called. Whilst my paws swept beneath my body, I sneered, imagining how hot I could make the flames that would swallow the armaldo. I burst through a bunch of leaves that scratched at and brushed against me. One tickled my ear on the way past, making it flicker.

I landed with a soft thud on the earth covered with forest floor underlay. In doing so, I attracted a great pokémon’s attention, as well as a familiar friend’s. The armaldo stood high, metres in front of me, with Izante hauled over his shoulders to face over his back, rather than having the same view as her pokénapper. The large pokémon was clenching her tightly, and it was clear that he had the experience to be able to control her movement. Noticeably, Izante could not set herself free, and was very possibly injured.

“Woah,” I mumbled, a little shocked at what I was seeing. My friend lifted her head, managing to see over her shoulder and past the armaldo. She was in an awkward position, and probably found it difficult to turn and face me because of it.

“Dusty?!” she exclaimed, obviously not expecting to see me. “Get away! It’ll come after you!” The leafeon sounded urgent and bothered—because she was!

“I’m not leaving you!” I answered, scoffing. It was true, and I was sick of untrustworthy pokémon. It was time to right some wrongs before it was too late! “Alright, you overgrown fossil—you’re goin’ down!” My body sprung forwards, aimed at my friend’s captor. I saw a type of fury and determination within the armaldo’s eyes which frightened me. However, it didn’t distract me, nor did it contribute to the fact that the armaldo counter-attacked my leap with his heavy tail, which slammed into my belly. I felt the pain spread, and I was physically sent flying metres away from my best friend. I had become completely winded; the oxygen was knocked clean out of me.

As I slammed onto the stony ground, I could not breathe, and I was beginning to relive my memories in the water. Luckily it didn’t last for more than five seconds, and in no time, I had regained the strength to hold my position on my four paws. Although I was already beginning to run out of energy, due to the small amount of time I was allowed to recover from my scene in the water, I still had the will to fight. “Take...this!” I called viciously to the armaldo, spewing up poison after feeling a toxic bubbling inside. The purple poison swallowed my foe, almost causing him to drop Izante. He managed to hold his grip, but the pokémon also seemed somewhat affected by the attack.

Unexpectedly my foe charged up, looking as if he was building power, and summoned small, jiggered rocks to swarm around him. He took off towards me, preparing something big. I watched in awe as the rocks flew along with armaldo as he charged at me, Izante still in place over his shoulder.

A scream was coming from the leafeon’s mouth as well as some confused words as she was taken with the armaldo to attack me. And from then it all happened too fast. With great power, my enemy and I collided, the rocks brutally injuring me as the main attack.
I had never experienced an ancientpower attack...until then.


I was carried to a campsite by the armaldo. Izante and I both were. All around us were people wearing black uniforms and most of them were followed by a cream coloured cat-like pokémon with coiling tails that were half brown—like their hind paws. Several of them were transporting cages – which held pokémon for some reason – and dumped them into openings in machines on wheels, whereas others were shifting different containers of various sizes. Many more were standing around, guarding the exits with solid and heavy weapons that required two hands to support.

The dirt appeared infertile and unnaturally mixed with muck, and there was countless packaging scattered around both the ground and caught in bushes. It was a foul sight, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I was to pick out not one wild pokémon.

The armaldo had dropped Izante and had put her with a female human who appeared to interrogate her with the help of her meowth. However, I was left upon his shoulder, facing the way he was facing, for another minute or two before another human approached. In the meantime I tried to make out what the woman was saying to my leafeon friend, and right before I was released I noticed an older looking man approached her and mumbled something to the female human. Izante was then led – or forced – away with them both.

As the leafeon disappeared from my view, I was carelessly tossed across the bumpy ground, scuffing my thin coat of fur and jingling my chingling bell a few times over. I landed at the feet of a suspicious human male who sneered at me. The human wore a black cloth covering his front, and other black material around his hind legs. A black rounded piece of cloth also fitted his head. On the designed piece of cloth that stretched across torso, there was a dark pink logo which looked like one of the human race’s markings that they use to write with.

The man was thinly built and didn’t appear at all pleasant. There was a particular feeling about him; a bad one. A grouchy expression was printed on his bare face, but he also looked almost happy to see me in front of him...defenceless, vulnerable, and without my master.

Then I realised something. I gasped, witnessing the human grin darkly in response. The familiar scent, the recurring expressions, the suspicious feeling... I knew I recognised it! This was the man whose pokémon Izante and I battled hours before!

The human was suddenly called by one of his colleagues, so he quickly walked away, standing only a few metres from me. I felt adrenaline begin to flare up as I thought I would have a chance at escape, but before I let myself take off, a female meowth that was accompanying the man blocked my way. Her greasy grin was discomforting as the whiskers on her face twitched. In between two whiskers on the top of her head was a golden, oval-shaped coin that shined in the dim, man-made light surrounding. Her large eyes were not very friendly-looking, each with pupils like slits.

She laughed, and I assumed she read my actions. “Y’ think you can escape?” she questioned, speaking in the humans’ language. Master used the same dialect, so it was easy for me to understand—but it was a surprise to hear her using it.

I had heard a rumour a while ago about a particular group of meowth. Ever since there was a first one to speak English, some humans (which I now presumed to be the ones wearing black clothes) discovered that the cat pokémon were capable of learning it. In time, they managed to breed an entirely different race of meowth which were trained to speak only human, which I didn’t understand the use of until recent minutes. They were translators.

But not only had these people trained their meowth to speak human, but also to stand on their hind legs at all times—except when sitting or sleeping. The majority of meowth I had both met and battled with had walked on all-fours. To see so many of these pokémon at once like this seemed strange—not to mention cruel. It was unnatural and just proved how selfish certain groups of humans could be...

I snapped out of my thoughts as the Normal type glanced over her shoulder, and it struck me then to try to make a break for it—or to at least find Izante. So, with the assistance of my quick attack, I dashed past the pokémon and left behind a slightly dazed scratch cat pokémon. The screech she emitted alerted a collection of humans and other pokémon, and I noticed frantic glances settling upon me as captured pokémon noticed my attempt at freedom.

However, just as I spotted Izante – who was, for some reason, eating from a bowl provided by a nearby female human behind one of their vehicles – I was apprehended. I barely had time to register what had happened as I felt a heavy body pinning me down and growling in my ears. I fought to find Izante again with my eyes, but the leafeon was gone and only the bowl and the human remained, leaving me considerably confused.

In no time at all I had been brought back to where I was previously where Roarake’s ‘trainer’ and his meowth were, as well as a number of new humans and their pokémon—probably to ensure I didn’t try to escape again.

“Well, well, well! It’s the flareon from the battle,” the horrid man began, and I was thrown to the ground by the pokémon who had caught me. I stood up and shook off, baring my fangs at all the surrounding figures. “Your ignorance got the better of you! You thought you could escape?” He let out a cruel laugh and signalled for the extra guards to return to where they had been. “We haven’t had one of your kind before. You should be honoured,” the man told me in human language.

In response I sprung backwards to be away from him. I spread my legs apart, lowering my head and growling deeply. That wretched armaldo stomped behind me, obstructing my backwards exit. However...I wouldn’t try to escape again. The beast had worn me out from the beating I received from him earlier, and the attempt I made only moments ago had been futile and tiring. Besides, it would mean leaving Izante to deal with everything herself. I simply did not have the energy, or even the will for that matter. My exits were sealed and there were far too many guards...

The human male just smirked, raising his head with a frown and a heartless smile. His meowth snarled, teasing me with the swaying of her body and jiggle of her tail. “Team Rocket rules!” she mouthed to me.

“You will be loyal to us!” snapped the human, attempting to intimidate me while spraying me with his spit. “Team Rocket officially owns you from now on!” Next to him, the Rocket’s meowth stood with a satisfied look on her face.

I blinked it utter disgust. ‘Who does he think he is?!’ my mind roared at me. I grew hot, wanting to fry him. It wasn’t fair to do this! I felt furious! I spat at the jerk, my saliva splattering on his left foot which was shrouded with another human material. “I’m loyal to nobody but my master! I’d never give respect to a low-life like you!” I hissed, wishing the human could understand.

I saw the meowth chuckle, and shifted my angry gaze to her. “Uh-oh, you’re in f’r it now!”

“Meowth! What did it say?!” grunted the Rocket man impatiently. His soulless eyes left mine and met those of his meowth’s. His female pokémon snorted, and her whiskers twitched.

“You ain’t gonna like dis, boss! Dis little fire-fox here says dat she ain’t loyal to nobody ‘cept her master.” Meowth snickered, blowing through her nose afterward in a miniature laugh. She looked as if she wanted to see me suffer the consequences. I growled back at her. “She also says dat she ain’t payin’ no respect to a low-life like y’self. Not dat ya are one or anytin’.”

The Team Rocket human glared at me, his face looking ugly with frustration. I winced slightly as he streaked the back of a furless paw across my face. To be verbally harassed by a human was one thing, but being beat by one was another...even just a mere slap! As well as being humiliating, it was wrong. I immediately felt how Roarake must have felt...

I listened to the meowth’s rotten cackle while my head stayed in the position it had been forced into by the slap. I tried contemplating my decisions, but nothing came to mind. I couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t believe my situation. It was so...insane. I could only glower with hateful emotion as I felt myself unable to attack due to known consequences.

I had officially been captured...and there was nothing in my power that I could do about it.
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