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Default Re: Through The Eyes Of A Flareon - The wait is no more--here's chapter four!

Sorry that I am so uber late, Xanthe. But as I promised, here is my guest star.

Name: Raitei aka Rai
Pokémon species: Lucario
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Any added features: He wears a cool scarf across his neck, and his right eye has a scar. Something like "Scar" from the Lion King XP
History and past: Once a strong and a passionate leader of an Elite Pokemon Team called, "The Pathfinders". They went by one sole goal or mission. Protect the weak, and disintegrate evil. With him as a leader, his followers were 3 others. Milotic, the water maiden, Charizard, the flying fire dragon and Gallade, the master swordsman. He disbanded and left the team a long time ago, for some unknown reasons. But his team members however, think that he abandoned them and don't have a clue why he did so. His sworn enemy, Weavile however, has brainwashed his teammates and made them his allies and intends to manipulate them for his own good. His first priority now, is to get rid of Raitei.
Personality: Raitei is a sole Pokemon. He prefers no companionship during his long, arduous travels, despite that he had a team ages ago. Neither does he trust anyone that easily nor does he wish to harm those with a pure heart. He has a tough fighting spirit, which allows him to stand up, each time he falls. Likewise, he doesn't give in that easily.
Likes - His Teammates, although they have turned against him now, he believes that with true friendship, he'll earn them back. His move, Aura Sphere. Apart from his deadly move, "Titan Storm", this is one other move he uses almost every time, and it never misses its target.
Dislikes - Weavile and his followers, Bad Pokemon, and of course, Evil.
Fears: Nothing. He blasts almost anything that comes through his way, with an Aura Sphere.
Level: 27
-Aura Sphere
-Swords Dance
-Dark Pulse
-Dragon Pulse

Alliance: Evil/Neutral + Goodish.
Anything I'm missing: He has one special move, that can almost decimate anything. But, he only uses it in dire times. It's called "Titan Storm".

I'm not done with this yet, and Raitei is just a fluke name. Since I told you to make up a name for him. I'm going out for a while, catch you later, Xanthe!

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