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Default Re: Through The Eyes Of A Flareon - The wait is no more--here's chapter four!

Scy: Thanks for the corrections, and, you smart little one--you're really catching on! x3
And about the sentence that was weird, I originally had it as "and", but I changed it to "but" because Dusty was supposed to be saying that it was bad, and saying "and" seemed, to me, to be a bit agreeing or something. I dunno. But I think I'll leave that one. ^^;;
And thanks! I thought it might be something to add. Poor Meowth. D:

Sam: Okay, cool character. Although, I might not have a very big part for him. And unfortunately I can't include his teammates or Weavile. :O
Thanks. But did you like the chapter? :O

Gem: Aww. v_v I appreciate the corrections and stuff, but it's a little disappointing that I went through the chapter and failed to spot them myself. x3 I guess my eyes see what they want to see, rather than seeing the mistakes. :3
Thanks! :D Yeah, Dusty and Izante aren't gonna like the next few chapters...

Thank you again, my loyal readers, for tuning in. :3
By the way, I have plans to try and draw different scenes or something or characters every now and again. I have Dusty and Izante up on the front page, but the Izante was actually just a random Leafeon I drew one time...but I was too lazy to draw one that was specifically of her, and she looks like any other Leafeon anyways. xD

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Pokemon Crossroads!
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