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Default Re: READ FIRST: EVs, Regis, Feebas, Secret Islands, FAQs


After beating the Elite Four, the Sky Pillar will appear East of Pacifidlog. Bring the Mach Bike with you. Surf from Pacifidlog, heading East, and keep to the top of the path. You'll find an outlet leading to a large tower, known as the Sky Pillar. On the way up, you'll see ed floor panels, which you'll need to use the Mach Bike to cross. If you stop on a panel or go over it twice, you'll fall to the floor below.
Rayquaza is at Lv: 70, and pretty tough to catch, so bring a LOT of Ultra Balls and Timer Balls... chances are you'll use a couple dozen.

Latios/Latias locations

Latios is found in the wild in Ruby, while Latias is found in the wild in Sapphire.
In Ruby, Latias is found on the Southern Island. In Sapphire, Latios is found there.

Wild Latios/Latias appear at RANDOM. To run into them, you'll just have to walk around on different routes until it shows up. Note that Latios/Latias will NOT appear on any routes East of Verdanturf, Slateport, or the ashey route. For some reason, they just don't go there. Once you've seen one, you can look them up in your Pokedex to see if you're on the same route as them. Latios/Latias' location changes every time you enter a city, a new route, or any other new location.

Starr Fox:
What ways are there to keep Latios/as from escaping?

These are the only ways:

A Wobbufet or Wynaut

If you use Clamp(only temporary)

If you use Fire Spin(Same as above)

Why doesn't my Trapinch with Arena Trap keep him from escaping?

Because Trapinch's ability only prevents escapes from non-flying pokemon and pokemon that don't know levitate.Since Latios/as have Levitate,it does not work.

Kan: Some other ways to keep Lati@s from escaping:
Mean Look.

Some Pokemon evolve by tameness, and Return/Frustration are based on it as well. This is a hidden value, and there are a few ways to effect it. The following are the ONLY ways to raise tameness (sorry Alakazam, but the ods you had posted were theories that had been proved wrong):

The Pokemon gains a level. (3 or 5 points)

Vitamins are used on the Pokemon. (2 points)

Walking with the Pokemon in your team (512 steps=1 point).

Attaching the Soothe Bell raises the amount of points gained.

Happiness/Tameness is decreased when a Pokemon faints or has one of the herbal items used on it (only the ones sold in Lavaridge). Tameness does NOT decrease when the Pokemon's HP is low, afflicted with a status condition, or stored in the PC.

Pokemon that evolve via Happiness/Tameness are:
Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Golbat, Azurill, Chansey, Togepi, and Eevee.

A woman in Verdanturf will rate the Tameness of the first Pokemon in your team.

Attack/Sp. Attack moves

The following attacks are based on Attack, and resisted by Defense:

Normal, Fighting, Bug, Flying, Ground, Rock, Ghost, Poison, Steel

While the rest of the types are based on Special Attack and resisted by Special Defense:

Fire, Water, Electric, Grass, Ice, Psychic, Dragon, Dark

Some moves can be "Physical" but still affected by Sp. Attack/Sp. Defense, such as Blaze Kick or Thunder Punch. The only time this matters is when fighting a Pokemon with abilities like Static, Effect Spore, Rough Skin, and a few other abilities. These are moves that come in "contact" with the opponent. For a list, go to and look at one of the Move Lists.

Contests & Paintings

A lot of people ask about how to get a painting of their Pokemon. First off, you have to have talked to the curator of the Lilycove Museum.

To get a painting, all you have to do is pass a Master rank contest, but you MUST get a final rating of 6 hearts after the second appeals round.

At the end of the contest, the results are shown in hearts and stars (but not horshoes, clovers, or blue moons). The stars represent the first appeal round, the audience appeals, which are a rating of how well you raised the Pokemon with berries. The hearts represent the judge's appeals, which is how well you did when showing off your Pokemon's moves.

The best way to pull off a final 6 heart rating is to use combos with your Pokemon. A move used in combination will give you double the displayed number of hearts. Good combinations are those that combine a protective move with a move that's worth a good number of hearts, for example, Dive + Surf, Rest + Snore, etc. Save your big shot moves for the end, like Hyper Beam, Explosion, Self Destruct, and Destiny Bond.

Kan Yozakura: The 6 heart thing is not true; to recieve the Super Sketch, your Pokemon has to have at least 5 or 6 stars, and you have to win the contest. Also, a Pokemon that has been a Super Sketch before is not eligible for further Super Sketches.

You'll get a painting for each type of Contest you pass, and when you get one for each Contest type (Smart, Tough, Cool, Cute, and Beauty), you'll be rewarded with the Glass Ornament for your Secret Base, and a Star on your Trainer Card.

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