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Default Re: [P]sychotic [O]rganization ~ PE2K's TOP Clan | F U L L

Originally Posted by Fierce Deity View Post
Don't ever auto-invite anyone without my permission.
Originally Posted by RoflTacos View Post
LolpwndbyAlonzo GG.
Anyways I just had to blurt out :X.
*Points at the quote below*

Originally Posted by Shucklulz (answering DT about inviting Niro on page 101) View Post

If he wants to join, sure. I've battled him recently enough to know he's good.
Yeah. And we battled anyways earlier today, he would've been in regardless.
Welcome to the clan Niro. :] Enjoy your time here.

Anyways, I finally finished my new team! I need test battles, so ask me if you're up for a battle. Expect it to be kinda bad though, it's 99% untested. D:

And we're at war with the USB now, get your matches done ASAP!

The Shiny Hunter vs. RoflTacos
Skottles vs. Sam Coyle
VeryStrait24 vs. Fierce Deity
Shucklerules vs. Shucklulz
Ahlat vs. Dark Turtwig

Last edited by Shucklulz; 03-01-2009 at 02:52 AM. Reason: Skottles and I agreed to a matchup switch. New matchups: Very vs Zoey, Shucklerules vs me.
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