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Default Re: The Music Scene

Originally Posted by Pikachu
Not really a place to ask this in here but whatever, this is the closest thread. Does anyone know what the name of that song is that's in a differnet language that goes, "Nooma nooma ay, nooma nooma noom ie ay." Lol. Hopefully you know what I mean. I'm trying to find the words and find out what language it is in. If anyone can tell me what language it is in then I'd love it. I've been wondering for so long what language that's in. XD
OO Numa numa! *Sings it.* ^^ That song kicks arse dude. I think it's called Dragostei Postei or something like that...I've tried to find lyrics but with no luck. My friend found the English version and downloaded it, I can ask her where she found it if you like.

And lalala...I hate to say it but you just sounded like a total n00b. Everyone has their choice about what music they like and all.
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