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Default Re: READ FIRST: EVs, Regis, Feebas, Secret Islands, FAQs

How do I get Azurill? What about Wynaut?

To get Azurill you MUST attach Sea Incense to a male Marill, and breed it with a female Marill. Wynaut is bred from two Wobuffets, but the male must hold Lax Incense. Both of these can be found in the indoor tombs of Mt. Pyre.

EDIT: In Emerald, you can obtain Wynaut from the old woman in Lavaridge.

Where can I get "A" class berries?

Go to the Berry Master's house, and tell one of these phrases to the Berry Master's wife:

SUPER HUSTLE - Belue Berry
GREAT BATTLE - Spelon Berry
COOL LATIOS - Durin Berry

"A" class berries will produce Gold blocks when mixed at 100 RPM or higher. Gold blocks will raise two qualities equally instead of one quality being raised less than the other.

How do I get Shedinja?

When Nincada evolves into Ninjask, you must have less than 6 Pokemon in your team, and a Pokeball. If so, Shedinja will appear in an empty spot on your lineup. Shedinja will have all the moves Ninjask has upon evolution. So, if you want a Shedinja with Swords Dance, you'll have to cancel evolution till Lv: 25, when Ninjask will learn Swords Dance immediately after evolution.

How do I get Vibrava/Flygon?

They evolve from Trapinch, which is found in the desert.

My Wurmple woun't evolve into a Cascoon/Silcoon

Ygseto: I'm sorry but the Wurple situation all has to do with luck. It doesn't have to do with the time of day or gender. To repeat Wurmple evovles randomly.

Can I get shiny Eggs?

Kan: The chances of seeing a Shiny are the same no matter how you encounter the Pokemon, be it in the wild, through an egg, or in the Battle Tower. Breeding Shiny parents will NOT always get you Shiny eggs.

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