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Default Re: Almost Always

They Die
– - –

You have seen how, in the recent centuries, corruption has become careless to the point of conspicuity and the force of unhappiness has remained as compulsive as ever.

– - –

in A world so cold

– - –

You have watched as every little thing has fallen apart again and again and again, then returned to its original state only to crumble into an even lower level of disparity.

– - –

theres a SICKness inside YOU that wants to escape
It’s a feeling YOU get when YOU cant find YOUR way
so how many times must YOU fall to your knees
never? never? never? never? never do this again

– - –

You have seen so many people with so many talents and this boy is just like the rest, but he has been thrown into humanity at its nadir and that makes all the difference.

– - –

IT starts with pain followed by hate
now i dont believe MEN are born to BE killers
and i dont believe the world cant BE saved

– - –

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