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Default Re: Which pokemon games the best?

Hard to choose a favorite game. Even when Pokemon Coloseum comes out, I think I will still like the Game Boy games the most (they are easily portable, and that's where Pokemon started. I just like it that way). Red I might like the most since it is the original and you can choose Charmander as a starter, not to mention it takes place in Kanto. I also love Silver because I had alot of fun, memorable times with it, and the morning/day/night feature is excellent. And I like Sapphire because it has very improved graphics and sound, and it will eventually be possible to get all 386 species of Pokemon without Gameshark. But I wouldn't be surprised if I end up favoring Fire Red the most when it comes out. It will be a trip down memory lane. I get to choose Charmander as a starter again, and re-explore Kanto. More so, like Sapphire, I get the chance of having every species of Pokemon in the game. I can't wait for FR/LG to come out.
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