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Default Red's Legion of the Necro-Horde

Red's Legion of the Necro-Horde

There once was a club which was hellbent on delivering the genre of music which we all know, love, and worship known as Metal to only the rare few deemed worthy. Sadly, the visionaries of this group have come and gone, but now I feel as if it is my duty to reinvent this club, and continue their mission.

Just simply enjoying metal will not get you into this club, however. You must be a fan with good taste, which will be determined by myself as well as a few officers which I will deem worthy in the future.


-You must be able to use correct grammar
-Do not post on something you are not familiar with, do your research
-Opinions are welcome, but please think them through and once again, do your research.
-Idiots are not welcome. There is nothing wrong with arguing someones opinion, but it has to be an intelligent argument.

Sign Up Sheet:

5 Favorite bands:
2 Favorite genres:
Reason For Joining:

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