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Default Re: Your Pe2k relationship data (P.R.D)

;pe2k relationship data;


Incandescent (or Waddle, as I like to call him) have been paired for ages, and he has to be the BEST pair ever. Even though I never see him on anymore, he will always be my one and only pair, no matter what. He always compliments my terrible banners & spriting and puts them in his signature, and I love it when he does.
My one and only pair - Incandescent<3


Graceful_Suicune is amazing. She always helps me out on my writing and helps me improve. She's a super awesome spriter, and I love seeing her work. I also love her drawings. Whenever we're on at the same time I always talk to her. She's just amazing.
My amazing sister - Graceful_Suicune<3


Even though he may have left, he always has and always will have a place in my family. When he was on we used to talk all the time, and had a few battles against each other. We would always talk about the randomest things, but it would still be fun. When he said he was leaving Pe2k I was devastated, one of my best friends on here was going to leave, but I'll still always remember him.
My lost brother - LordVader2791<3


DarkraiRaider and I used to get along really well, we'd talk to each other all the time, but now she's never on. She had really good ideas for storys, and was a great friend. Even if I never see her on anymore, she'll still always be my cousin.
My disappearing cousin - DarkraiRaider<3

i can't love you more than this

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