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Default Re: DG's reffing book

9 people involved
No Sleep Moves(barring rest)
No OHKO Moves
Evasion Clause
When you kill a Pokemon, you get the change to throw in a weather, lasting three turns, among these: Sun, Rain, Sandstorm, Hail, HAze(at the end of every turn, set-up is cancelled)

leoblaze floatzel 6
mk delibird 5
king Kingdra B 2
spider Exploud 3
starki Cradily 7
Adam Kingdra A 1
Eeveedude Espeon 4
LightSky Electivire 8

Despite my special rule, nobody chose haze... But it doesn't matter, as Cradily died after a couple of turns ^^

Light SKy- 1000$
Starkipraggy - 1000$
Leoblaze - 1000$
Pichu-Boy - 1500$
Eeveedude - 2000$
Spiderc - 2500$
Kingrapter - 3000$
Adam - 3500$
I reffed, get 4000$
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