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Default Re: Through the Eyes of a Flareon ~ [PG for future] - Chapter six...likes sticks?

The man rammed spears into my eyes as he cast a wicked glare upon me, and I was beyond startled. “SHUT UP! You wanna be executed too?!”

I staggered backwards. ‘E-executed?!’

From Sed’s cage came another startling cry, and it killed me to hear him suffering while I stood helplessly and watched. I tackled into the bars surrounding me, but to no avail. I tried blowing scorching flames onto the metal, but still, nothing happened. I had come to assume that the cages, naturally, were pokémon-proof.

“Sed! I’m sorry! This is my fault!” I yelled to him, his eyes drowning in tears.

“WHY?!" wailed the green pokémon, his voice mangled with his whimpering despair. “Why did you do this to me?! I thought you were my friend!”

My pupils shrunk. Violent tingles ripped down my spine. My face became overpowered by the unrepairable guilt that plagued my very soul. I crinkled my nose and clenched my jaws together, the tears failing to contain themselves. My heart felt as if it had stopped beating, and it seemed to sink in my chest.

It was my fault, and I had let him down completely. How could I ever forgive myself?! ‘He’s gonna be killed because of me.’ I stabbed my claws into the metal floor, squeezing tears from between my eyelids. ‘BECAUSE OF ME!’

I slumped my body into a sitting position, hanging my head low as my tearful eyes followed my screaming friend out of the giant crate. I longed to do something...anything, but it was useless. He looked as if he would never feel happy—ever, ever again. And he wouldn’t.

As he disappeared from view, I couldn’t stop hyperventilating. In a matter of time he would be dead...because of me.


My eyes were shut. Emptiness lingered as meaningless throughs whizzed around inside my head. It had been roughly five hours since Sed was taken away, and he hadn’t come back. I knew he never would. All the pokémon were grateful to him for saving them from plummeting into the floor of the crate, but it would have been better for him to never have met me. He was surely... He had surely been executed by now. And for what—catching the cages of pokémon?! It was insanity! It was simply sick and despicable! And it made me feel more frightened and insecure. What kind of a monster would kill a pokémon? We were designed to battle, so being killed would take a whole lot more than a flamethrower and a tackle... Unless they used evil human ways.

The guilt that stirred inside of me made my breathing unstable. It made me only able lie on the ground with eyes that continuously dripped tears which were building up. The pain in my ear throbbed, but only reminded me of my horrible mistake. Even worse, it reminded me of Sed’s kindness, and how that was what got him killed.

During the more recent time of the five hours, the ship had departed, and the crate I was in was swarmed with cages. It must’ve been stacked up as high as three rhyperior—and I was on the bottom row. I truly hoped that the cages were strong enough to support the weight of so many pokémon. If not...then soon enough I would be as flat as a gengar who melted into a shadow.

“You shouldn’t blame yourself,” a calm voice interrupted my thoughts. “There’s nothing you could have done to stop it.”

I looked in the direction that it came from, and realised it was to my right—the cage beside mine. “You shouldn’t be listening to my thoughts,” I responded.

“It’s my job. If I don’t know what pokémon are thinking, how can I connect with them?”

“You don’t.”

“Haha, okay,” laughed the dark coloured fire type. However, I stayed quiet. I needed not to get involved with more pokémon I could possibly endanger... “Sorry to bother you. Just curious.”

“...Leave me alone,” I grumped, placing my chin on my paws and turning to face away from the quilava.

“Alright. Just thought you might like some help.” He didn’t seem to take offence, but instead he tried to lure me into talking to him again. ...And it worked.

“I don’t need help. What I need is some time to myself,” I mumbled, not bothering to look at him or take my head off my paws to be heard clearly.

“Sure looked like it earlier,” he stated. To this I twitched, and felt something make me frown. I clenched my teeth, automatically assuming he was talking about...the bulbasaur... “When your tackling didn’t seem to do anything but give you a headache.”

My tense feeling released. He was talking about me trying to escape, not about Sed. ‘...Wait...’ I realised. “What?” I asked, this time actually raising my head and facing him. My eyes darted from his right one to his left as a sly grin spread across the left of his face (from my point of view). The grin vanished, being replaced with a regular smile, and he nodded casually. “Are you planning to escape?” I questioned, the tone in my voice suggesting that the task was impossible.

He chuckled. “Yes.”

I really had no time for a jester. “...How?”

“Like...this.” One of the quilava’s claws fiddled around with the lock on the outside of the cage.

‘Oh yeah, that’s really gonna work,’ I thought sarcastically, nearly turning back to my paws.

Before I could say anything though, a small click sounded. “Ah-huh!” My eyes were wide with disbelief as the quilava then rammed into the cage door, and he stumbled out, falling onto his side.

“How the hell did you get out?!” I questioned.

The quilava lifted himself onto his paws and shook off. “I’ve been working on breaking this lock for hours. Lucky I have sharp claws, right?” he chuckled, smiling.

“Can you—can you get me out?” I asked with a slight frown and urgency.

“Hm, I don’t think so. I had been working on that for a while.”

To that response my ears dropped and my eyes became covered by a disappointed frown. I noticed him smirk.

“...However... If I can’t do it, I know who can,” he mentioned, causing my head to rise again and look at him.

Doing the last thing I expected, the quilava leaped onto a nearby cage which was poking out slightly from the stack, and continued making his way up to near the top rows. I couldn’t follow him for very long though, especially because I didn’t particularly want to look directly up from me. I was looking underneath a green and white pokémon... Let’s just wasn’t the prettiest aspect of a kirlia.

As I was distracted about trying to find a way to keep track of where the quilava was going, a large explosion sounded. Many pokémon whipped their heads in the direction of the noise, including me, and before I found out what it was, a figure dropped down in front of me. In his mouth was a rather large seed.

“What’s that?” I questioned in a curious but also suspicious manner.

“I suggest shielding yourself.”

Slightly annoyed that the fire type ignored my question, I pulled my tail in front of me as I pressed myself against the back of the cage—which was barely different from the front’s space, considering the cage’s size.

A blur of yellowy colouring flew towards me—and frankly, I wasn’t expecting what happened next.


The sudden explosion caught me completely off guard, and I shrieked as the sound carried out through the huge wooden crate. Lucky I had covered my ears.

As the smoke cleared, and several pokémon coughed and spluttered, I began to stare at the small hole that was only a few seconds ago not there. The silver metal around it had blackened, and it looked fragile and hot. That’s when the quilava dropped from above.

“That, Miss Flareon, is a blast seed,” he answered, smiling coolly with his eyes half shut.


A Team Rocket grunt snored loudly as his inanimate body lay slumped against one of the many large crates. His snoring would surely have disturbed anyone in close range. Drool dripped from one corner of his mouth while the other emitted the loud noise. His rough hair was carelessly shoved under a grubby hat which was pulled over his eyes, and his clothes were stained and stinky. The saliva slipping between his lips gathered in a small pool on his shirt, which was propped up because of the position he was ‘lying’ in.

A sudden explosion type of noise woke him with a start. His hat fell off his head as he jumped, and the drool trailed down the side of his top.

“Uh, what, what?” he uttered in a low, dopey tone. His hat brushed against his side as he brought his hat up, plonking it back on. He glanced around the place, expecting to see someone nearby with something like dynamite or a gun. This face searched around the premises, and only after did he get up to poke his head around the closest corner. He waited.

After seeing nothing strange, he sat back down in the same spot and lowered his eyelids. Again looking around to make sure nobody was looking, he lay back up against the wall of the crate, drifting off once more.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

There we go.

@&$(*#&%)*@ OMG! The post before this one was post number 136, which is Flareon's number! xD And 36 is my favourite number! LOL!
EDIT: And from now on, I'm going to make the chapters longer, like this one. :3
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