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Default Re: The Laughing Manís Society for Scrupulous Individuals/ War w/ TLN

[QUOTE=Bloodrazor;2693851]You restart you have to keep track on your own, I had a notebook to keep track....if you mess up then you're a goner and you'll have to restart.

[COLOR="Red"]You won't our clan is full and Yamirami is a temporary unofficial member because he/she is only here to learn about being a clan leader. And even if you could join its up to UST. As well your party needs to improve.

First off, I've decided to just kill Whismurs 'till level 30. I'm not starting over. Then I'll kill Spindas 'till level 40. Then just continue on until I get the ribbon. (Next time I won't make the same mistake)

By the way I am MALE.
Heh heh heh...

EDIT: Also, do you know where to get a Macho Brace, because Pokerus is helping but the Macho Brace will really speed things up!

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