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Default Re: Any Nightowls go get platinum on release?

Originally Posted by Tsujin View Post
how did you end up with so many???
i just pre-ordered it off the internet and the game is being delivered to my house with the figurine and a special edition platinum DS case and i also have a special edition pokemon DS....I'M A FANBOY TOO!!!
Well, I was at Bestbuy. and turns out, after they do a week of reserves they end up selling the promo items they were giving away. so theres number one.

I had a reserve at gamestop. number two. (i may cancel it, i may buy a second copy, who knows.)

and then in the special edition tonight. Number 3, haha

for the record.
When I pressed A to start my platinum file..
I jumped...cause I wasnt expecting that loud sound to come out of Giratina. lulz.
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