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Default The Shatterproof Files: The Thief in Sinnoh [PG/PG:13] On Hiatus!

Credit to Arate <3

Hey everyone, it's party time!

This is my first fan-fic (well, actually my fith or fourth, but I never finished them =P) and I have recently got into the writing buzz. This will be PG/PG 13 for violence, gore and sometimes swearing. The story shall be one of dark destruction, with many plot twists, I assure you. How did I get my idea? I started my game again, and used the cheat for catching other trainers Pokemon. I take notes from the game, and use them in the story. I am actually playing the game, and every Pokemon in this story is in the game, apart from some scenery Pokemon. This story will also answer all questions about the game. Now, I hate long introductions, so here is the epilogue of: The Thief in Sinnoh.

Enjoy! ^^


The prints of the stranger’s fingers developed quite clearly.

“Now...” Brett said as he calmly spoke to the police officer. “If I die violently, even if it seems accidental, forward this to the police.” He passed an envelope across the table, which slid with ease, with the police officer stowing it in his pocket.

Brett was a middle aged man. His brown hair bounced whenever he walked, and he sported a red baseball cap.

“Thank you Brett,” the police officer wearing a blue uniform said as he stood up. “We will be in touch.” He left the table, exiting through a nearby door. The door clicked open, then shut with a slam. Brett stood up, and proceeded to the club he usually attended.

Brett was up until midnight. He was having a good time with his friends, gambling like there was no tommorow. He received an unexpected phone call. The machine buzzed and whirred in his pocket, indicating a new caller. Brett excused himself from the poker table and hid in the closet. He opened the door slightly. then shut it once he was sure none of his friends were watching. Luckily, they were still gambling, one of them with blonde hair and a green coat, eating a bunch of chips. He flipped the lid off his phone, pulled it to his face and answered his call.

“The deed…. Is done,” said the stranger’s voice. “I expect payment.”

“Payment?” Brett asked.

“Yes Brett, payment.”

“You must be a nutcase if you expect payment.”

“Why not? My other victim was paying me a large amount of your money. I expect payment….Otherwise.”


“Meet me in the woods at one AM. Your fate will be decided there,” the strange figure said, hanging up the phone.

Brett proceeded to the woods at one AM.

The strange figure was standing there, covered in a red liquid.

The forest was extremely dark; Brett could barely see the face in front of him. But he knew who it was.

“The other victim’s blood, I suspect?” Brett mused.

“Yes,” the figure replied. “Now, where is the money?”

“That secret is safe with me.”

“Tell me or I shall kill you.”

“Make me. You wouldn’t dare risk the electric chair.”

The figure laughed.

“What do you think is behind you, Brett?”

Brett glanced at the hole filled with a clear liquid behind him.

“Water?” Brett guessed.

“Sulphuric acid,” the figure replied devilishly. “In a matter of seconds you will be a lumpy pile of sludge.”

The figure held up a red and white orb. The figure tossed it to the ground, revealing another figure, but it was still hard to see what it was. It was blue, and had steel spikes protruding from all of its body.

“Attack.” The human figure said. The second figure conjured a blue ball, and fired it at Brett.

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