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Default Re: The Shatterproof Files: The Thief in Sinnoh [PG/PG:13] Read the prologue fools!

Hey it's chapter one time! Just a note, in this world, people can understand Pokespeech. Pokemon talk like this <Hi!>. So here is chapter one!

Chapter One: Peter

It was raining, at Twinleaf town. The town seemed to lack its usual lustre, but probably only because of the rain. The town was naturally small, with a few houses dotted around, guarded by a forest in all directions. It was extremely quiet out, and many people stayed in.

Peter was now fifteen. He wore a red baseball cap, a red scarf that flapped in the wind, blue jeans and a white shirt underneath his blue jacket.

“And that concludes our search for the red Gyarados!” the TV boomed, automatically turning itself off. Peter stood up and climbed down the stairs, where his aunty was sitting down. The kitchen was squeaky clean with red cupboards dotted everywhere. Finally, his aunt decided to speak.

“Peter, Clint was calling for you. Something about a major discovery and you needed to hurry up. Oh, and don’t go into the tall grass,” she finished, with a huff and a puff.

“Thanks aunt,” Peter said, rushing outside the house. He ran left, he ran up and finally ran left again when he was in front of Clint’s house. He knocked on the door until suddenly he was sent flying back by an unseen force.

“Woops! Sorry Peter!” Clint said whilst sitting on the floor, scratching his head. He was the same age as Peter, had curly blonde hair and wore an orange stripy jumper. “Oh, wait a minute!” He rushed back into his house, closing the door with a thud.

“Douche,” Peter taunted him after he went inside. Peter got up, wiped the grit and dust of his clothes and walked into the house.

“Hi Peter, Clint’s upstairs. He is so impatient; I wonder who he takes after?” Clint’s Mom said, quickly.

“Yeah, I wonder too,” Peter replied sarcastically. He rushed upstairs, where Clint was preparing for his journey.

“Bag, check! Journal, check!” he said, going through his things. He blushed when he finally saw Peter standing there. “Hey Peter, you better come to the lake, otherwise I am fining you ten million!” He ran out the house faster than he realised Peter was standing there, and Peter had to chase him to the lake.

Route 201 was nice, it had many trees about. This, however, made it hard to escape from Twinleaf. After Peter caught up with Clint, he just started talking again.

“Hey, you know about the documentary, search for the red Gyarados?” he asked.

“You watched that too? Heh, was quite cool, but everyone knows multi-coloured Pokemon are just a myth,” Peter said to Clint. Clint seemed thrown back by this statement, but carried on regardless.

“I thought we could find a rare Pokemon in our lake,” he said, a huge sigh escaping from his mouth.

“Oh, well that’s cool, let’s go,” Peter said, trying to stop himself from laughing. The two walked through route 201, and reached lakeside Verity.

“Almost there, let’s go in!” Clint said enthusiastically. The two travelled into the lake, a beautiful example of what one might call, “good scenery.” There was no-one here. The grass was quiet, and had a brown briefcase in the middle of it.

“Hey, let’s check out that case!” Clint said, yelling.

“Stop yelling, you’ll attract wild Pokemon. Speaking of which, I can’t go into tall grass!” Peter replied, angry that he couldn’t go anywhere near Pokemon.

“Don’t sweat it Peter, we won’t be in the grass long enough for a Pokemon to attack,” Clint finished, patting his friend on the back reassuringly. The two trudged into the tall grass and approached the briefcase. Clint hastily opened the case. It clicked as the two locks on the case came undone. Inside were three red and white spheres.

“What is this?” Peter asked, picking up one of the red orbs, inspecting everything about it.

“That’s a Pokeball you dumbarse! You want to go on a journey and you don’t know what a Pokeball is?” Clint said angrily, also picking up a Pokemon. Peter just puffed his chest at this remark, but the two suddenly heard a screeching noise as two tiny birds flapped towards them. The birds were black and had a white spot on its forehead.

<Star, let’s kick there butts!> the Starly screeched, thrusting itself towards Clint. Clint responded by throwing the Pokeball in his hand towards the ground, releasing a green turtle onto the floor.

<Hello, master, I shall serve you well,> the Turtwig said, getting ready to battle.

“Heh, I got the posh one!” Clint said, nudging Peter annoyingly.

Suddenly, a second Starly appeared, this time speeding towards Peter.

<OK Lee, I have this one!> it said to its other friend, who was already engaged in battle with the Turtwig.

“What do I do?” Peter asked Clint, sweating heavily.

“Throw the Pokeball!” He yelled, still fending off the Starly. Peter tossed his red orb to the ground, releasing a blue penguin with white chest feathers.

<Yo! I am Piplup, pleased to meetcha!> it said, not realising it was in a battle.

“Just slap that other bird in the face!” Peter yelled to it. The penguin turned around, to find an angry Starly.

<I shall not lower myself to that level, slapping another bird, very un-ladylike!> it screamed at Peter.

“You are male,” Peter said sarcastically.

<My point exactly!> the Piplup said once more, before being pounded by the opposing Starly’s body.

<It’s on, my friend!> Piplup yelled, pounding the bird in the face. The Starly puffed its chest in anger, and growled lightly at Piplup, who was suddenly scared.

<Um, never mind, you just do what you have to do!> Piplup said, turning back and running towards Peter.

“Just use a pound!” Peter yelled, and suddenly the penguin turned around and smacked the Starly in the face. This attack seemed stronger than the other, more critical. The Starly flew away, tired.

“Fwwaaagh! Your Piplup rocked!” Clint said, patting Piplup on the head. “But my Turtwig was way stronger!”

Suddenly, a girl wearing a pink miniskirt with long black hair gasped and ran towards the two boys.

“Oh… Crap. You used the Pokemon in the brief case? Professor is going to be fuming!” She yelled, grabbing the brief case and running off.

“What. The. Hell?” Clint said as the girl run off. “She was awfully hot though; did you see how mini her miniskirt was?”

“You pervert,” Peter said, walking towards the lakeside entrance. Clint followed after him as the two exited from the lake.

“You go on ahead,” Clint said, with a sigh. “I know we have to give these Pokemon back, they are not ours, but I want to spend a little more time with this guy.”

The two walked back towards Twinleaf slowly, when an old man wearing a white lab coat and the same girl from before blocked there path.

“Hey, is that old guy staring at us?” Clint whispered to Peter. Peter just shrugged, but Rowan went into a temporal outrage.

“You used my Pokemon!” He yelled, loudly. “I was going to EV train them!”

EV training was a method used to make Pokemon stronger.

“But we had to use them, we had no other choice!” Clint yelled back.

“Fine,” the old man said, walking towards the next town.

“Professor, wait up!” the girl said, rushing towards the professor.

“That was odd; don’t they want their Pokemon back?” Clint mused, as the two started to walk back home. The two decided to go tell their families about their day, so they went back home. Peter entered his house, his aunt cooking for him.

“Hey aunt,” Peter said. His aunt didn’t turn around.

“Hi, how was your day?” she asked.

“I have to go to Sandgem tomorrow to give this Pokemon back,” Peter replied, patting Piplup on the head.

<Hi!> it chirped, as his aunt turned around.

“AAAAAAAH!” she yelled. She didn’t like Pokemon much.

“Don’t worry aunt, I have to give him back tomorrow.”

“Just go to your room, please.”

Peter climbed upstairs, and dumped himself and Piplup on the bed.

“Hello, nice to see you again, friend.”

<Long time no see.> it chirped back, bouncing around happily.

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