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Default Re: The Shatterproof Files: The Thief in Sinnoh [PG/PG:13] Finished Chapter 2!

Chapter two!

Chapter 2: Moving On

“Nice to see you again Piplup!” Peter said to the young bird, hopping about happily on his bed. Peter remembered the day that the two met. He had to give Piplup back to Professor Pine years ago, as his aunt hated Pokemon. Looks like fate intertwined once more.

That’s when Peter had an idea

“Revenge,” crossed Peter’s mind. He would get revenge from all those years ago, but there was only one way. He would have to steal the worlds toughest Pokemon. The thought still in mind, Peter rushed downstairs, with his aunt rushing up to him.

“Here, there is a long walk to Sandgem, put these running shoes on and get there much faster!” his aunt hurriedly explained.

“You just want to get rid of Piplup as soon as possible,” Peter murmured, slipping on the red running shoes. They were a perfect fit, and felt much more comfortable than his ordinary shoes. He hugged his aunt, who was taken by surprise, and ran outside.

This was where it was.

Peter rushed to his back garage, un-did the catch that closed the door, and searched through the pile of trash and boxes until he came to a shiny new box. There was a letter lying on the top. Peter opened it, and it read.

“Peter, I have recovered this snag machine from the Team Snagem base in Orre. Now, I don’t want you to use it unless the time has come, so put it to good use,”

“Don’t worry father, I’ll put it to good use,” Peter said while bearing some sharp teeth. Peter despised the snag machine years ago, but he knew that now it would be his most valuable possession. He opened the box, revealing a bright red machine that could easily fit on Peter’s arm. Peter chuckled; he remembered what Gonzap had said in Orre years ago.

“What is this piece of trash? It can’t even fit on my arm!”

Peter slipped on the snag machine. It buzzed and whirred as Peter pressed the 'on' button. It felt smooth to touch, and was making a funny feeling when he held Piplup’s ball in that hand. Peter got over the moment, and walked towards route 201.

It was a funny feeling, being back on the road of 201. The trees where still guarding the outskirts of the road, but they where spreading out a bit. Peter thought about this and more, when he bumped into a lady with an apron.

“Hi! I work at the Pokemon Mart!” she said happily, dancing up and down.

“Yeah, so?” Peter said in annoyance.

“Well, if you’re going to act that way, I won’t give you this,” she finished, waving a purple bottle in front of Peter. He snatched it from the woman, and stuffed it in his pocket.

“Thanks,” he said, slinking away and heading towards Sandgem.

He eventually made it to Sandgem with no worries. The girl with the small mini-skirt was standing outside a big building, which Peter presumed was the Pokemon lab. Peter greeted her, and the two walked towards the building. Just when Peter was about to open the door, the girl eagerly stepped to the left, as Peter was thrown back by an unseen force.

“Woops! Hey Peter. I had that talk with Professor Rowan. He is not as scary as he is totally out there! I’m off, see ya!” Clint said, rushing away before he even said the last word. Once again, Peter dusted the dirt off of his clothes.

“Meathead,” Peter yelled at Clint after he was out of earshot. Him and the girl stepped inside the lab, everything was so, techno. After a look around, seeing all the machines around him, Professor Rowan motioned to Peter, asking him to ‘Come ere’. Peter walked towards Rowan nervously, Rowan’s piercing stare intimidating him.

“Clint told me what happened at the lake, and by the sounds of it, you are a very skilled battler. Piplup also seems to like you, so I think Piplup should stay with you, and see the world,” Rowan explained. Peter was completely taken back by this, he thought he would lose Piplup forever, again.

“Would you like to give Piplup a nickname?” asked Rowan.

“No,” Peter said in annoyance. He didn’t really like nicknames; they were most of the time gimmicky and humiliating for the Pokemon.

“I’m so glad you are kind to Pokemon, if you weren’t, I’d, I’d, oh I just can’t say it!” the girl explained. After her hissy-fit, the professor spoke up again.

“Ok, now, I want you to do a favour for me,” he said, almost regretting it.

“What’s that?” Peter asked, suddenly intrigued.

“I want you to collect data on every Pokemon in Sinnoh,” he said, taking out a shiny red oblong, looking extremely hi-tech.

“No,” Peter repeated.

“I am a very patient man Peter; I could stand here for hours waiting for a good answer. Now listen, collect data on Pokemon for me!”

“No,” Peter said again, folding his arms in annoyance.

“I am a very patient man Peter; I could stand here for hours waiting for a good answer. Now listen, collect data on Pokemon for me!”

“Oh fine, if it will make you shut up,”

“Good answer,” Rowan finished, handing Peter a Pokedex. A Pokedex was a hi-tech gadget, used for storing data on any Pokemon seen or caught.

“I have one too!” the girl squealed, rubbing her Pokedex in his face.

“Now, when you were walking down route 201, how did you feel? I know I always feel a thrill every time I am with Pokemon. Since there are many Pokemon, you will have many thrills!” Rowan yelled, doing a little dance happily. Strange for an old man. Rowan dismissed Peter and the girl, and the two stepped outside.

“Oh, I realise I haven’t introduced myself yet!” the girl said, blushing slightly. “My name is Dawn, and I have a Chimchar. If you had picked Chimchar at the lake, we would have the same Pokemon! Not that it matters though.” She finished, now blushing even more.

“So what is there to do around this place? Name’s Peter, by the way,” Peter said, looking around Sandgem as if it was a foreign land.

“Let me show you the two main buildings in town!” Dawn said, motioning Peter over to a blue building.

“This is the Pokemart, you can buy items, such as Potions and Pokeballs from here,” she said.

“Interesting,” Peter said. He knew he would have to buy Pokeballs if he wanted to steal strong Pokemon. Then Dawn showed Peter a building with a red roof.

“This is the Pokemon centre; they heal your Pokemon for free.”

“Cool, I could use that,”

“Now, about your family, you should tell them where you’re going,”

“I prepared for this; I left a note on the fridge,”

“How did you know?”

“Lucky guess?” Peter shrugged, he would have taken Piplup either way, against the law or not.

“OK, well, come with me to route 202, I have to show you something, I am going to teach you how to catch Pokemon,” Dawn said.

“I know how to catch Pokemon,” Peter said.

“Oh, OK then, see you around then,” she said, running away like nothing had happened.

“Strange girl,” Peter said to himself. He started walking through route 202, and in a while, he was thrown into his first battle.

He worried it may be his last.

A young boy by the name Tristan had challenged him to a battle. Peter agreed, tossing out Piplup. Tristan threw out Starly, who was in a battling stance.

<Ready to roll Peter!> Piplup chirped, as it sprayed many bubbles at Starly. Starly retaliated by growling lightly at Piplup. Piplup sprayed more bubbles, and Peter knew it was time for his stealing spree to begin. He plucked a Pokeball from his belt, and tossed it at the Starly. It glowed in a purple light, sucking up the Starly, leaving the trainer dumbstruck. The ball wobbled, wobbled, wobbled, until it finally pinged, meaning the catch was successful. Peter picked up the ball and sent it to his PC, via his Pokedex’s special function. The trainer paled, then regained his colour as he started to run.

“THIEF!” he yelled, running away. Peter completely forgot this aspect. He would need to make that kid forget this event, and fast.

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