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Default Re: AIM Step By Step Tutorial

Originally Posted by BeserkerFury View Post
I used to have AOL and isn't AIM its IM? Well, I was wondering, if I download AIM, will it install AOL's browser or whatever on my computer?




for anyone else that has problems with AIM, i suggest using the online version of it.


Log in to aim from there, and that's basically it. NO, the website will not steal passwords/user name and does not store it on their website. There s also an official browser-based aim called "aim express". >

But, i recommend meebo. It's much more user-friendly for the not so tech-savvy/ people who don't have time to learn all the functions of aim.

My first time seeing this thread, but i think the Web-browser AIM like should go on the 1st post as an extremely easier alternative to installing AIM.
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