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Default Re: Eraizaa's shinban no hon


Rules: Revo, No items, No sleep moves, No Perish Song, Hit-all moves hit-one, No Evasion, Fastest Pokemon gets a stamp that shocks 12.5% of HP out of it whenever it attacks, but it can be passed to another Pokemon by contact.

Eeveedude's Espeon
Hkim's Umbreon
Soda's Slowbro
Ragnajacob's Alakazam
Cress Albane's Starmie
Greensnake's Floatzel
Brizer's Exeggutor
We The Pichus...'s Weezing
PapaLulu27's Cherrim
Black Hawk's Tangrowth


Hkim: $4,500
Eeveedude: $4,000
Jacob: $3,500
Cress: $3,000
Lulu: $2,500
Soda: $2,000
Black Hawk: $1,500
WTP: $1,000
Brizer: $1,000
Green: $1,000
Me: $5,000

Salary: $28,500
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