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Default .::Dark Turtwig's IV Breeds!::.~Closed, until further notice~

Hello fellow Pe2k traders. I'm sure you've seen me around the forums before, I'm Dark Turtwig. (no dur)
I've had a trade thread in the past, but it kind of... died. So, I want to make a new one. I have new pokemon, new styles of trading, and a new outlook. This time I'm going to be a lot more strict about my rules. More than most peolpe are in their threads. So watch out! :p

.::My Rules::.

-No flaming, disrespecting, or insulting another pe2k member in my thread.
-Obey All Pe2k rules. This includes the four-word rule. I see that violated so often it's not even funny.
-Please, make an honest effort to use real words, and proper grammar. This isn't a chat room, so I don't want to see things like 'hey wat u want for ____. cmt thx' I see that kind of thing a lot, and I want it to stop.
-No arguing with me, or any other member in my trading thread. I will ban you without a warning if this occurs. Ya got that?
-Please, don't just tell me to check your thread. Post what you are willing to offer for such and such pokemon, and I will reply as soon as I can.
-To prove that you have read my rules, please put a * in the beginning of your post. If you do not follow this rule, I will give you one warning. That's it. If you have not read my rules after a warning and do it again, you're banned. No exceptions.
-No Whining/begging. I don't want to see any 'oh plz, can i plz have ur ____' Okay?
-And finally, my just about most important rule, 'NO RE-DISTRIBUTING MY POKEMON.' If I see one of my pokemon in your trade thread, you must take it down, and you will also be banned from my thread. I'm pretty sure this has always been a rule, but I have found it being broken a lot.

.::Other Important Notes::.

-I use the Action Replay to check the IV's, so they are more exact than an IV calculator.
-Friend Code: 1418 7928 8052

.::What I am Looking For::.

I am looking for IV bred UT pokemon only. Please don't offer me EV trains, or events, or anything of that nature.

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