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Default Re: .::Dark Turtwig's IV Breeds!::. ~Open for Buisness~

Originally Posted by The Politoed Hunter View Post


Wanna be partners in the store? I have quite a few good IV breeds and think it will be quite fun! ^^
Yeah, I'd love to! I think that's why my past threads kind of died, is because I was running them all by myself. But with another person there I'll feel more commited. I'll make the thread later. I'll PM you before I make it though, okay?

Originally Posted by Ahlat View Post

HP:Poison 36
Comment: Has perfect ivs where he needs them Atk+Spd. Has perfect HP ivs too, Def could do some work though but SpD aint bad.

I want to make a fair trade and not seem to be too greedy so can you tell me what pokes you won't mind trading for this guy?

P.S. It's redistributable but don't let others redistribute it. ;D
Wow, that's a pretty good Starly. If it's adamant, I'll trade you my Scyther for it. If you don't want the Scyther, I could give you my Heracross.
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