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Default Re: What stupid things did you do?

Originally Posted by AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs View Post
When you first played Red, Blue or Yellow, whichever you got.

I thought it was the nuts that you could type in your name. I remember vividly telling everyone teh game knew my incorrectly spelt name >.>

I also didn't realise you could save, so spent the first few days choosing my pokemon from Oak again, and being confused as to how it leveled down.

Let the idiotic posts, begin!
OMG!! I did the same thing! Like an idiot(well, I couldn't read well yet) I never read the manual and I kept restarting over and over again because I did not know there was a save option! I always wondered how people got through the game in one sitting...
Now, I know there is one, just so you know.

Oh even more wrong, I never got the master ball in saphire! You had to get it in the team aqua base, I went through the base, but never picked up the master ball. Later, the base closed up so I could never get it! I wondered why I never had a master ball to catch kyogre(I killed it too..) or rayquaza(caught it with timer balls)I later learned that you got it there...
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