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Default Re: PE2K Member Factfile

Join date: 12-17-2008
Birthdate: 4th June 1995
Name: Jodie
Alias: MysticSapphire, Saphie, Beardy (don't ask) Cheeky Monkey, Treacle etc...
Sex: Female
Race: Um... White?
Ethnicity: English
Birthplace: Southampton
Location: Look up one ^
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 6 Stone
Show size: 4 1/2
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Dark blonde
Piercings: Ears
Tattoos: None
Dating/Marital status: *Sigh* Single again.
Sexual Orientation: Strait (What kind of a question is this?)
Family: Mum, dad, sister, half-brother
Pets: Cats (2), fish (10), guinea pigs (6)
Grade: I'm English, so I'm in Year 9
Occupation: School and homework :P
Favorite colors: Blue, pink, lilac, silver.
Favorite movies: Pirates of the Caribbean 1,2 and 3, Transformers Movie, any comedy movie etc...
Favorite TV series: Naruto, Primeval, Merlin, Robin Hood X3
Favorite bands/musicians: Who knows...?
Favorite video games: Uh... All of the ones I have at home.
Favorite character: My OC, Gaby!
Favorite book: Twilight series! =3
Favorite food: Anything filled with sugar!
Favorite beverage: Lemonade!
Favorite clothing brands: Top Shop!
Where you've traveled: Spain, France, Japan, all around England.
Hobbies and Keywords: Karate, drawing, manga, anime, pokemon, wii, DS, nintendo, cookie, violence, eating, sleeping and Mudkip.

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