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Default Re: The Shatterproof Files: The Thief in Sinnoh [PG/PG:13] Finished Chapter 2!

Originally Posted by Pickleboy View Post

1.One thing really bugs me... WHY is Peter snagging Pokemon again? WHat's he trying to get revenge on?

2. And did years really pass since Peter was supposed to return Piplup

3.(which, by the way, I have never seen any other person not start off with).
1. That is a secret. I am not exactly gonna release the main plot at the start of the story. When you start a story, you don't reveal everything in the introduction. In fact, I plan to release why he is doing this at the end, with some very minor clues in the chapters released. This is a mystery/adventure/comdey story, so I obviously want things to remain a mystery.

2. Yup, they did, I plan to release Piplup's backstory sometime.

3. I chose Piplup because this game is based on notes I take off of my game, so because I chose Turtwig and Chimchar in earlier games, I chose Piplup. Besides, it has a more child-like personality than the other two IMO, perfect for a comedy story. Also, with your regard to everyone picking Piplup, according to PE2K poll (Or at least last time I checked), Piplup was the least common starter choice, so that was obviously an opinion, not a fact.

So yeah, hope that answered some of your questions and put you straight on some things. ;P
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