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Default NEw Episode, TA and TM, more confused

Each time TA or TM appears on Pokemon, it almost seems they don't know what they're doing or looking for. Today, both groups were looking for 'Cave of Origin', which is painfully obvious Cave of Origin, on RS games, is in Sotopolis. If they were looking for the legendary Pokemon Groudon or Kyogre, why couldn't they mention it instead of saying they were looking for 'an object' that I could not understand, neither could Ash and co. and certainly not TR. I don't understand these bad guys on TV, Although I do admit I did sort of like Isabel of TA with that long hair. She reminded me of Julie Newmar the way she was drawn up. TA and TM do use interesting radios, which probably explains how they can dodge the cops.

What was up with TR stealing a boy's Nincada? THat's a new low for them, and then to steal his base. I do admit the secret base was used great on the show, but of course how in the world can a little kid make a door and put in furniture. Can Nincada cut lumber?
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