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Default Wario's smash-up crossover RP signup! [in need of heroes]

Out in Mario's world, a lot of weird things go on, from Koopas buying stocks to Goombas wandering aimlessly. But one thing is far more unpredictable; Mario's self-styled rival, Wario. Wario was always a greedy fellow, hunting the world for treasure with his friend and lackey, Waluigi, Wario stumbled across a huge golden door. Of course, seeing so much pure gold in one place made both their heads spin, and they immediately tore them down, but not even Bowser would touch those doors if he knew what was behind them.

Contained behind this great golden door was a portal to different demensions, though Wario payed no heed to it. In a matter of days, the portal began combining and fusing parts of other worlds- including their inhabitants- to Mario's. When the plummer found out about this, he and Luigi confronted Wario. Wario confessed that he did it, not getting what the big deal was...Untill a great force of evil tore through the boundaries of space into their world, at which time Wario began to care (as the evil force took much of his gold)

Suck through the portal were many great evils; Dr. Eggman, Ganondorf, Ridley, Black Shadow, and many others were brought in. However, the heroes of those worlds also followed; Sonic the Hedgehog, Link, Zelda, Samus, Captain Falcon, and others among them. Knowing there was really no other choice, Wario chose to lead the collection of heroes (though it took a bit of pursuading).

Your role!

If evil, to destroy the world and those who stand in your way.
If good, to save the world and repel the evil forces.

1) No godmodding!
2) No bunnying!
3) No swearing!
4) No gore!
5) If you are asked to bunny someone, please notify me of it first.
6) You can be any character from any world, but choose wisely!
7) Maximum 4 characters for each person; 2 Heroes, 2 Villians
8) To signify that you've read the rules, put "Wario is da bomb!" in your SU somewhere.
9) Have fun!

SU form!

Name: Your characters name. First is all thats needed
Gender: Male or Female
Apperance: A picture will suffice
World: What world you hail from (for example, Wario is from Mario's world)
Good or Evil: Simple enough
Abilities: What things make you a hero/villian
Brief history: A short synopsis of what was going on before you were sucked into Mario's world
Weapons: Only if your character uses them (for example, Bob'Ombs, or Link's sword)
Theme: Optional. If you wish, you can link to your characters theme (no download sites, please)
Other: Anything that doesn't fit in anywhere else.
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