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Default Re: Wario's smash-up crossover RP

Name: Wario
Gender: Male
World: Mario's
Good or Evil: Good
Abilities: Extremely strong, powerful jaws, tough punches, explosive farts, and Bob'Ombs
Personality: Wario is greedy, but he'll do what he has to.
Brief history: Wario is best known as the self-styled rival of Mario. While he dresses similarly, he is nothing like his counterpart. Wario has spent his time taking treasure from Bowser, and has ammassed a huge fortune of gold and cash, making him the richest man alive. While he appears to be fat, it's all muscle; Wario can punch a hole in any enemy he faces if he wants to. Wario truly doesn't care if the world comes to an end; just so long as he gets his gold back. Wario is most definitely da bomb.
Weapons: Bob'Ombs, on occasion
Theme: Wario's theme
Other: Nothing.

Name: King Koopa A.K.A. Bowser
Gender: Male
Apperance: King Koopa
World: Mario's
Good or Evil: Evil
Abilities: King Koopa commands an army of Koopa Troopas, Shy Guys, Goombas, and all othe baddies. In addition to this, Koopa himself can breathe fire, has incredible strength, and his spiked shell can withstand the feriocity of any attack (though he may go flying). Finally, King Koopa, under great stress, can turn himself into the mighty Giga Koopa/ Bowser, a huge, more ferocious version of himself with increased powers.
Brief history: The always malevolent King Koopa was plotting on how he could get Princess Peach into one of his traps to finally get rid of her to make way for his kingdom. However, whilst plotting in the forest, he saw several portals spit out people. Curious, Koopa and his Troopas investigated
Weapons: Claws, fangs, other people, Bob'Ombs
Theme: Koopa's theme Bowser's army theme
Other: Anything that doesn't fit in anywhere else.
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