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Default Re: Wario's smash-up crossover RP

Name: James "Logan" Howlett (AKA Wolverine)
Gender: male
World: Marvel (Such as Marvel: Ultimate Alliance)
Good or Evil: good

Abilities: Logan has an Adamantium skeleton, with claws that can retract at will on his hands. Normally the procedure would kill a man, but Wolverine is a mutant, his mutation being a healing factor. Adamantium is a type of metal that can cut through almost anything (The exception being itself and possibly Vibranium), but there's a side effect if it's grafted to the bones. It will act as lead poisoning, slowly destroying the nervous system.

Brief history: Logan was trying to find his past at Alkali lake, when he was attacked by terrorist Toad, a fellow mutant. After defeating Toad, Logan met Stryker, who had connections to his past. However, Stryker would not tell Logan of his past, and his assistant, Lady Deathstrike, attacked Howlett. Halfway through the battle, a large portal opened and sucked Logan and Deathstrike in.

Logan is currently at the outside of Alkali Lake, now laying north to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Weapons: Adamantium claws.
Personality: Logan is an angry man, and has a habit of biting heads off (scolding). He occasionally goes into brief relapses of rage, and almost nothing can stop him.
Other: "Wario is da bomb!"
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