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Default Re: Wario's smash-up crossover RP signup!

Okay. (Aw, just realized I can't use Neku, him not swearing would be catastrophic...) Wario is da BOMB!

Name: Sho Minamimoto

Gender: Male

Apperance: Do the math.

World: Shibuya (or, more specifically, The World Ends with You Shibuya)

Good or Evil: He's generally considered evil.

Abilities: Not the greatest physical fighter, but he's got a great mind (and likes to make math puns, which sometimes make people groan loudly in the midst of battle). He does, however, turn into Leo Cantus on very rare occasion. When he does, the math puns stop, but much more painful assaults begin... (Level i Flare, anyone?)

Brief history: Sho was last seen crushed under a car and soda machine. Everyone left him for dead and went on their way. Obviously, he wasn't. Finding that the Composer wasn't anywhere near where he woke up (he was just knocked out from the weight dropped on him), Sho began to poke around the real-world Shibuya. It was at this point, in a deserted train station, where he found a golden door...

Weapons: Weapons? Sho doesn't need weapons, his bad math puns are painful enough (I'm kidding... he really has no weapons, though).

Theme: Super Minamimoto World! [shot'd]

Other: Other people use curse words. Sho uses 'zetta!'

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

(vpp da)

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