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Default Re: Michael's Reffing Log

Revolution Rules
No Held Items
No Sleep Moves
No Perish Song
Moves that hit more than one Pokemon in double battles hit one opponent
No Evasion
Intimidate is Negated
Talk while I ref and lose 100%
KO a mon and get +1 in any stat besides evasion

Long FFA is long!

Haze (Kakuna)- $1000
-Pichu Boy- (Alakazam)- $100
poke123 (Spiritomb)- $1000
DarkUmbreon (Jumpluff)- $1500
gun6 (Hitmonlee)- $2000
greensnakes (Salamence)- $2500
:ASOD (Magikarp)- $3000
CloudOfNines (Heracross)- $3500
kingrptr101 (Electrode)- $4000
Ayra (Trapinch)- $4500
-Adam- (Snorlax)- $5000
Elrond (Tyranitar)- $5500
Politoed (Horsea)- $6000
DaughterOfMew (Quagsire)- $6500
Volcanflame (Espeon)- $7000
HKim (Umbreon)- $7500
The Jr Trainer (Drapion)- $8000
Soda (Slowbro)- $8500
iReign (Kingdra)- $9000
DarkGardevoir(Vaporeon)- $9500
Xalapeno(PorygonZ)- $10000
Spontaneous Generation(Clefable)- $10500
Me- $11000

Total Salary- $33500

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