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Default Re: The Master & Apprentice Program

Kay, so here's my SUs. I doubt I'll get accepted for master, even though Jess said I probably could do it ;_;


AIM/MSN/etc: Robertio123(AIM)
Time zone: EST (-5)
What You Want to Learn: I'd like to get some advice on grading, as well as advanced battling tactics. Beyond that, just critiquing my stories...something she already does in grading xD


ALl of these are same as above :P
What You Can Teach: I can teach basics in battling, and writing. As well, in writing, I can go a bit more into detail with description, as well as coming up with creative plots. I have a bunch that I've to put into action ^^;

If I get an apprentice, you shall refer to Jess as master of my master. Anyone who watches Hellsing will get this.

Accept/deny as you like?