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Default Re: Behind the Eyes of Cipher [PG-13] ~Chapter 5 UP~

Chapter Five

Citadark Isle
Cipher HQ Shadow Laboratory
Two months before present

I had never expected this experiment to go so far.

When I joined Cipher, it was because I wanted to subject my scientific abilities to powerful studies. So people could recognize me for who I am as a Pokemon scientist. So I wouldn't be given the poor treatment or the resentment of my family and friends. Of course, upon my arrival, I was immediately put into the worst position possible, working my way up to where I am now. A shadow scientist. The term for people like me, who helped create the monsters that are shadow Pokemon.

In the beginning, it was just a rumor. A simple rumor... can you believe that? What everything is now was once a frail rumor? In any case, it later became a real command of Lord Kishiro's. We had to follow. With his money, he was able to fund the tools and techniques we needed to research the art of creating the Shadows.

I, for one, thought the idea was vile. I had believed that this science and research the administrators had us doing was all for the exploration into the mysteries of Pokemon. To find a further meaning and purpose of all Pokemon's existence. I quickly learned that my beliefs were laughed upon, my opinions of no matter. The experiments that Cipher wanted us to perform on Pokemon were, if anything, "exploration" into a Pokemon's deepest and strongest power.

But, I had to comply to commands, didn't I? And so I did. Several of us had found a way to genetically alter the DNA of a certain Pokemon being, and in the DNA we replaced, an artificial chemical was added. This chemical literally blocks several emotions that Cipher deemed trivial, such as love, joy, compassion. The subject is gentically made incapable of feeling said emotions. The experiment also loses any judgment of right and wrong that it once had, which is the cause for the Shadows' infuriated confusion post-transformation. Later, we grasped the fact that the Shadows need someone or something to turn to just after their transformation, as this is the time when it is nearly impossible to control the monsters' power.

That boy, Caiden. He's only a teenager, while I am nearing twenty-seven years old. And yet, he's one of the most experienced and talented battlers in the entire organization. I can tell he's going to be great; Lord Kishiro gives him enough praise to make everyone else wonder where he came from, how he came to be so special. I could care less. The only thing is, I met him one day - he was attempting to handle a Shadow for one of the first times. That day, he had been frightened, irritated, and confused, as I could see clearly. I'd seen him dazed and unsure of himself; others droned on about his mysterious power with clear admiration in their voices. So I saw him differently.

That day was the day that we created the idea of the Power Reflector. I'd always believed - and I've been haunted by this - that it was because of my encounter with the boy. Because of what he'd done to the shadow Pokemon, and what needed to happen. I helped create the Power Reflector, and it wasn't hard. Yet, I hate myself for it.

The wretched machine has affected the shadow Pokemon in the darkest of ways. When something becomes a monster, the next stage in the great descent of its life is to lose its energy and willpower completely. And, as I observe every day of my life, that is what's happening.

And as long as Caiden is here, in my opinion, things will only get worse.


Citadark Isle
Cipher Headquarters

It had been four months since Caiden Hester was a mere lab experimenter for Cipher's shadow Pokemon. He was now referred to as Prime Executive Hester, the head instructor in battling and training shadow Pokemon. He never heard his first name anymore, but that was history since he had arrived at Cipher.

Caiden had been upgraded to a better room and a high-class uniform, eating with the other executives and administrators every night and day. He received praise from Lord Kishiro every once in a while; knowing the Kishiro family, however, that meant one was good enough. Caiden had even met Lord Kishiro's sons, Pryce and Alden, who were his second-hands next to Neccer. Though his life had been significantly improved in that time, Caiden felt like he was wasting away.

Every day, he woke up and was assigned students and shadow Pokemon to work with. Each day it was a different set of Pokemon and a different class. From there, he would work out the problems and eventually he would work the subordinates as hard as his instructors had once worked him. It's the only way they learn, he'd thought to himself, every time. Exhaust them until they know what they need to do to succeed. Caiden had formed a skillful group of battle partners, as Alden had once told him, and he was gradually making Cipher a stronger, thriving assembly of people. After a long day, Caiden would keep to himself, refraining from even talking to others who passed him by. His mind constantly wandered down strange paths; thoughts and feelings that he knew were wrong constantly bombarded him.

Caiden was slowly killing himself, the process beginning with his mind.

It was a cycle. He brought out his anger and confusion on the subordinates, in which case they would grow stronger from the pressure, in which case he would be given the occasional praise for making a "stronger Cipher", and then it would all lead back to the thoughts that came to him. He didn't understand most of what he'd been thinking, lately; his mind struggled with strange thoughts, mysterious and foreign. Things that were trivial, irrational, irrelevant - things like the guilt he felt, and what his conscience told him to do. Though he tried to shut them out entirely, they would not leave. He was tortured by it all...

And, of course, the guilt. Oh, but what Caiden had to feel guilty for: it was a list that was excrutiatingly long and unforgiving. Whenever he released a Shadow from its ball, he saw that indescribable look in its eyes, that seemed to plead for him to kill the Pokemon. Just kill me. Sometimes, Caiden would mutter to himself, wanting to talk back to the Pokemon but knowing he couldn't. It was an unexplainable feeling, but it occurred multiple times every day, which was emotional pressure and nearly unbearable for the boy.

The other main source of his trauma was stepping into the laboratory, and seeing the experiment room - or rather, what was in the experiment room. The reflectors. Caiden had once thought them to be quite incredible and admirable machines, making Pokemon as unapproachable and uncontrollable as the Shadows simply bow to their every command. But now, Caiden seemed to realize the process in which the Shadows conformed. Whatever immense power that the shadow Pokemon released was thrown right back at them every time, with double the power. How they're capable of taking that... Caiden would always think, giving himself goosebumps. And then they beg to be controlled. Though every time he left through those automatic steel doors, Caiden would shrug off the feeling and instead smile to himself, thinking, They're great and powerful and ours. All ours...

One night, Caiden had dreamed of the Blaziken's eyes. It had, since the day it became a Shadow, been put and kept under Cipher's control, yet to him the Pokemon still appeared as a figure of great reprimand. In the dream, he was being pushed and jabbbed by intense feelings of guilt and consciousness, but as always, Caiden's independence reigned in command, controlling those measly emotions. But in the end, Caiden could clearly hear a medley of familiar sounds: the Blaziken's irate cry, his mother's screeching voice, his sister's feeble cough, the scornful laugh of his subordinates, the sound of the trapped Pokemon in the chambers. In the end, another unfamiliar thought had inconspicuously made its way into his mind, adding to the haunting pile of thrown-away ideas and notions. Is there something I'm missing?

He'd woken with a start, finding himself drenched in sweat. The next morning, he got a call that Lord Kishiro wanted to see him in his office. Quickly showering to improve his appearance, Caiden complied, nearly sprinting into the lord's grand office. Inside, he found that he was not alone. The entire Kishiro family, as well as all the executives and higher administrators of Cipher, was seated in the large room.
"Good morning, seniors of Cipher," Lord Kishiro said in a velvety tone. He looked the usual - a thin, fake smile plastered on his otherwise lifeless, yet highly intimidating face. "I have some important news for all of you." Lord Kishiro stood, revealing a long, thick silver robe that reached his ankles. His hands were placed neatly together in front of his abdomen as he ambled down the rows of chairs.

"Lately, Cipher has reached its prime, as you all can tell," Lord Kishiro began. "That is thanks to all of us, but namely, the Kishiro family." He paused, expecting applause. His wish was granted.
The lord continued, smiling smugly. "In any case, we have reached our maximum production of shadow Pokemon, the ultimate weapon for our cause. As all of Cipher is currently in the process of learning to control such power, we will soon take our place as the most powerful organization in all of Orre. Soon, my people, Cipher will reign above all."

More applause. Caiden swallowed, hoping that Lord Kishiro's speech would not go where he thought it would go. "And so, I believe that now is the critical time to begin our taking over of Orre. The process will involve the obtaining of any and every Pokemon possible, and the transformation of said creatures into Shadows. Thus, we will prove to the region how powerful we really are; Cipher is not a force to oppose. The people of Orre will soon learn that, and they will bow to us on their knees, pleading for our every command." Applause erupted, but no one dared to cheer or whistle. The upper-class directors had to keep a civilized appearance, especially in front of Lord Kishiro.

The lord made his way to the front of the room, behind his desk. He smiled thinly at all of us, saying his last words before dismissing us. "We will begin extending our reaches into mainland Orre in the next month. Several of the administrators will be chosen to set up certain areas in Orre that will stand for secondary headquarters. Now, leave with the feeling that the critical day is upon us. Dismissed, seniors of Cipher."

Neccer suddenly stood and scrambled next to Lord Kishiro. He held a messy pad of paper. "Excuse me. All are dismissed except..." Irritably flipping through the pad of paper, Neccer began listing names. "Stone. Manor. Vicksworth. Celrod. James. Hester. Truman."

Caiden's pulse raced and all the color drained from his face. Usually, he would have been proud to be one of the special executives, receiving a good word from Lord Kishiro. But now, too much pressure was upon him. He felt surprisingly weak, and apprehensive of what was to come. Even still, Caiden made his way to the front, where other high executives and administrators sat. He could name every one of them - each specialized in physical instructing, tactics and studies in class, and even top scientists; but mainly they were battle instructors like himself. Some were physically well-built, while others were scrawny. In any case, Lord Kishiro began again.

"You have all been chosen as those who will first set out for mainland Orre to begin the takeover. Each of you will set up a temporary headquarters for Cipher on different areas of the map. Some have been assigned to old, abandoned buildings, while others must find a way to clear an area and make use of it. Is all understood?"

The others nodded almost mechanically. Caiden was late, but he too slowly bobbed his head up and down. Clear the area... He frowned, puzzled. Meaning, run them out? Or... kill?
" all of us. Now, make yourselves gone. I am weary and no longer wish to be in your presence."
Immediately, the executives sprang up and scrambled to the exit. Caiden could still hear the velvety, yet commanding voice of Lord Kishiro. It represented the impact of the impending events, an omnipotent feeling that lingered in him for many days to come.


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