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Default Re: [WAR VIII] The Knights of the Round Table; Truth, Honour, Nobility

Our Rules

Without rules and organisation, chaos emerges. All we ask is that if you commit yourself to become a member of The Knights of the Round Table, you abide by our rules.

1) Obviously, all of the Pe2k rules apply here.

2) The Deputy Head Knight can overrule any rank below him, but the Head Knight can overrule the Deputy Head Knight. However, the majority of the time, the Deputy Head Knight and Head Knight will discuss any problems.

3) Stay active! We ask that you at post at least once in this thread biweekly. Even if you don't post, a PM/VM/IM to either the Head Knight or Deputy Head Knight that you're still active would suffice.

4) Have fun! There is really no point in joining if you aren't going to enjoy it. Don't feel like you have to win points for us no matter what. At the end of the day, we want our members to have fun. The winning is a nice achievement to aim for, but don't think of it as the only thing worthwhile.

Note that these are subject to change. It would be good to check them frequently. I will post an announcement in the thread whenever a rule is added or edited, however.
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