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Default Re: DG's reffing book

8 people in
Hit all moves hit one
No sleep moves
No Perish Song/Destiny Bond/Explosion when there are only 2
Stat raising moves raise the opposite stat( atk= def, spatk= spdef). Stat lowering moves stay the same.

Chris Slowbro 3
Fire Togekiss 5
Haze Metagross 8
Nero Arcanine 6
Ataro Ambipom 2
Isaiah Snorlax 7
Poli Kingdra 4
Sam Gallade 1

Nice battle, I screwed their setup with the rule.

Haze, ST and Nero get 1000$
Fiery get 1500$
PolitoedPrince get 2000$
Chris get 2500$
Ataro get 3000$
Sam get 3500$
I ref, get 4000$
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