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Default Re: Daniel's Tournament - Currently Taking Registrations!

Originally Posted by DanielSuperpoke View Post
My smiley trick worked, wahahaha.
Sorry for just now getting here, but here we go:

Only 5 people posted the smiley and had their fc somewhere where I could find it without too confusing me. LOL.
These are the people that are in it as of now:

Niro 3394 9426 1048

Yoda55 2363 8327 5837

pein11 3609 7080 3514

SOS_Haruhi 1848 4752 4144

joangaes 3781 5278 6439

I will add you all to the OP as soon as I can.
The rest of ya, read the rules, and post your fc in a visible spot, and I'll add you too. Counting me, theres 6 people, room for 2, if we get 3 more, I'll drop myself out of the tournament.

Keep signing up.

Oh, and this tournament is on Wifi, no shoddy allowed. I'll add to the OP.(or maybe the title)
Whoops what smiley... I hope its that one... Here: 0388 4658 3013
0388 4658 3013

Add xGapz on PSN
Add xGapz on XBL
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