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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Sign-Up

Forum Username: Medz
Messenger Name: AIM =

Previous RP or Fanfic Experience: None
Previous Tabletop Roleplaying Experience: None
Other Roleplaying Experience: None

Character Name: Medz (I can't think of other names)
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Alignment: Neutral Good

Skills: Sketching, Exploring

Equipment: A sketchpad, some drawing materials, and his Pokemon

Description: Medz is a short boy for his age measuring only about five feet and two inches tall. He had short, black hair and light skin. He wears a green shirt, tan shorts and gray rubber shoes during trips like this trip to the Park. He also carries a green messenger bag on which he carries his Pokeballs and stuff.

Personality: Medz is a loner. He doesn't socialize with people he doesn't know yet. He only talks with the people he knows. Sometime he may get pretty annoying if he talks so much to his friends. He is also lazy and only agrees to work if he benefits or enjoys it. Even if you see him sad everytime, he is acually cheerful and is ready to help others if he is in the mood.

History: Born in the town of Pallet. Since as a child, his parents didn't allow him to go out of the house often because of the danger of wild Pokemon.
His only friends were his classmates on Trainer School. When he goes home from school, he either uses the computer and still chat with his friends on the net or grab his sketchpad and draw various images of Pokemon for leisure.


Venusaur♂ - Venusaur is Medz's starter Pokemon. It had dark green skin and a giant flower on the top of its back. Since it was a Bulbasaur, Venusaur was a typical starter Pokemon for newbies; loyal, friendly and intelligent. But even if he was reliable, he would sometimes be doing things that are not ordered to do. During battle, when his health is down to its limits, he might exaggerate his moves making Medz worried what will his foe's condition be.

Manectric♂ - Manectric is one of Medz's favorite Pokemon. This dog-like Pokemon has blue-colored fur with some yellow parts. It also has a red colar on its neck that Medz bought for him. Medz uses him mostly for stalking uses because of its acute sense of smell. Manectric is a very active and playful Pokemon just like a regular house dog which attracts Medz attention to him. When provoked, Manectric becomes wild summoning rains and releasing thunderbolts.

Persian♀ - Manectric's bestfriend. Persian is an average Persian like others. It had its fur colored as cream and had a shiny, red gem on its forehead. As a Meowth, it loved to steal things from innocent people but as it evolved, it quickly had a shy nature towards humans. If anyone tries to get near it, it will either attack the human or run away from them. But if ordered to, she may become friendly towards them.

Mothim♂ - The moth-like Pokemon in Medz's team has resemblance like other Pokemon of its kind; Has two pairs of yellow wings, a gray body and a pair of antennas coming out of its head. Mothim is mostly used for scouting unknown areas. Even if it was one of Med's weakest Pokemon, he makes it up by great strategies. Mothim is somewhat lazy that it mostly sleeps inside a Pokeball. He also had a tendency fleeing if he recognizes his opponent as too much strong for him to battle.

Other: XD is my favorite smiley

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